Movie Review-Detention of the Dead


School starts July 23rd

Review- Detention of the Dead is a zombie comedy that mixes elements of most teen detention films and mixes in some zombie situations. The film revolves a group of teens, from the outcast, to the popular cheerleader, a stoned guy, a nerd, a goth nerd girl and two jocks who for reasons unknown to us in the beginning are all in detention. As the film opens it just seems like all of a sudden a zombie outbreak is happening all around them while they are in the detention hall. Things start to really change for our teens when someone infected comes to detention hall. This film tries, and at times it tries too hard and it shows. The zombie stuff you get, while low budget was fun, very graphic and gave you some fun gore. The issues with this film is the script and the characters at times, the film half of this film just seemed to go on much longer than it needed to and did not seem to go anywhere. It never gives us much of a back-story into why each one is there and why the outbreak is happening. The film just thrusts us into a story while it is a common story in most films like this, I feel a little back-story or background into things like why certain characters have a history would have been a little better to help the flow of the film through the building of the premise that the school is zombie central now. This film has a very odd sense of humor, as one joke works we will get four that fail, then another works and we go thru the cycle again. Like the library they hide out at is called Savini Library, and two of the characters are known as Willow and Ash, like the directors think that fans are going to just go insane and laugh at those gags. There is a scene in the film that involves a hand that gets cut off and still stuck to one of the characters pants near the penis region, and another character helps him get the hand off, and they are simulating sex with one another. So, if those gags work for you, this film has plenty of those. This film also has a few scenes that recall the Breakfast Club that just got a little too dull, you can tell they were depending more on the actors to pull it off, then the script and they just seemed to not really carry that in an entertaining manner, but they do redeem themselves with zombie rat that chases them. This film has a ton of heart and really tries, and all the negatives to the side, this film did really give a lot of things that I feel makes this a cut above your normal low budget zombie horror comedy, with the insane gore. The gore in this film was really worth the price of the rental alone. In this film, they do not slack on the zombies and the killing. Though, I wish they would have slacked more on the comedy in the film, and instead of trying to make it darker and dumber, make it a little thought provoking and smarter. All in all, this film was a good little zombie film that if you keep your expectations low, you will be entertained for the most part.

7 out of 10