Movie Review-Blood For Irina


Review-Blood for Irina is the debut film from Mr. Fangoria himself Chris Alexander. Which if you guys are fans of the magazine and think you know what to expect from this film, you are going to be in for a shock. First thing that really struck me as this film is going to be something different is that it is distributed by Autonomy Pictures which gave us the very controversial Bunny Game and the upcoming super hyped Adam Chaplin. The film centers around a vampire named Irina who seems to be dying. During this time she is on the hunt, searching for blood. Her residency is not some castle, but a very beat up, desperate and run down motel room. When you think about a vampire film and you see that the person behind is with Fangoria magazine, you will immediately think Lost Boys, 30 Days of Night or Near Dark, and you are going to be in for something unique and quite different. This film is basically about a vampire who seems to be in her dying days on Earth and what she does in this time. This film played it smartly and knew people would expect her to slaughter people to keep herself alive, but in a desperate way it seems Irina seems to want it to end and this film almost plays out more like a long mood filled art film than any horror film. The storytelling in this film is very vague and the supporting characters we do not know too much into them, other than what they are doing for Irina. Like the motel manager who seems to be protecting her, but we do not know why and then there is this hard up hooker who is in the same mindset as Irina. This film like Bunny Game is a film that either people are going to get and jump on this ride, or despise and not give it a fair chance. The film is fueled by its visuals, this film felt like a dream that was wrapped in a drug induced state. The film has a style that feels reminiscent of old school but it also has a new school flair to it, that seems to balance the film and create this medium that Irina really knows how to keep the viewer interested. The film has little to no dialogue, but to me that added to the beauty of this film. Irina just seemed to use its visuals as the narrator, and the few moments we do get some talking it feels special. Alexander seems to be a director that is all over the map, there are scenes that go slow and he wants us to have the patience to watch how the scene plays out and others he seems to be rushing, but this film is so fascinating that I was really in this world that Chris created. This is Chris Alexander’s baby he does almost everything in this film, and the score to this film is amazing. If the visuals do not hook you in this film, the score will. The music just creeps up on you and sinks into your skull, and long after the film ends you still find yourself thinking about what you not only just watched but heard. This film is creative, original and definitely aimed for a horror fan that likes experimentation. This is not a film you throw in and talk on your cell, or look away. This is a film that needs your full attention and the viewer will have a journey that is not easy, but it is rewarding.

8.5 out of 10