Movie Review-Black Sabbath: Standard Edition Remastered [Blu-ray]


Review-Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath is quite frankly one of the best anthology films of all time. Originally released in 1963, and finally released on blu ray, before I even start this review I will just say, stop reading and go buy this damn thing right now!!! I am not sure if the title of this film inspired a certain band or not, but I know for sure this film inspired quite a few horror films. There is a lot of hype surrounding this film and trust me this is the one time that the hype got it right, and thank god Kino Classics put this out. Before we actually get to the review, the blu ray picture and sound is incredible and they really put their reputation, heart and soul into this packaging. This film offers up three stories, I,Wurdulak, The Telephone and finishes it up with The Drop of Water. All three of these stories are nothing short of suspenseful, chilling, and scary with so much more thrown in. The first tale is basically the man himself Boris Karloff who alone is worth the price of this blu ray he is a vampire who must feast on the blood of the people he loves. This story was a nice balance of chills and a dash of a desperate atmosphere that really keeps the viewers at the edge of their seat to see how this will play out. Next story is The Telephone which is about a prostitute named Rosy, who finds herself being harassed by her ex Frank on the phone. Frank it seems is out of jail and watching every little move she makes. You have to think while watching this that it was filmed in the early 60’s when things were very different than what happens today. Bava seems in this one to want to test the waters of controversy and create a little side story that involves lesbianism. I will say right now, the story was tense and it will keep your attention with the thrills that Bava creates just off the simplest of things. To think that the thinking 50 plus years ago was stalking and lesbianism, we really have not evolved that much have we? The Drop of Water story is Bava going supernatural. A nurse steals the ring off the finger of a dead medium, is now being haunted by the spirit. As we all know all the nurse has to do is give back the ring and end this, but that is why this short is quite possibly the best of all three and also proof that this film deserves all the praise it gets. This short alone will get under your skin and suck you into this world of fear and dread, that you will not want to watch it with your lights shut off. This short is nothing short of a masterpiece, not only for its age but for today’s standards as well. The last time I watched Black Sabbath was on a beta tape around 1979, and it scared me then and watching it now on blu ray many moons later, it scared me yet again. This is no sales pitch to keep a studio happy, or some bs to make me look good, this is the solid truth. This film if you are any kind of horror fan, film fan, or even a new person into movies, you have to own Black Sabbath on blu ray and watch it with a friend, lover or whoever. They do not make films like this anymore and with good reason, today’s filmmakers are too busy ripping off yesterday’s treasures. This film is what we call in film collecting, a must have.