Movie Review-Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey


Review-In my 3 years reviewing and doing sites, the number one question I am constantly asked is:” Hey ask Tommy Pistol, when is Walking Dead XXX coming out”, or” you should interview him and ask him when the film is coming out”. I will say right now, Beyond Fucked is going to surprise you and may stop that talk for right now. A lot of people like me became familiar with the Tommy Pistol character on a film called The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, well obviously a spoiler, the man is alive and well in the world of adult entertainment. Last year, Tommy Pistol did the impossible, Evil Head made the top 10 on mainstream websites, and people who frowned on porn, seemed to warm up to it. As a director I feel Tommy Pistol has such a warped sense of humor that he is the perfect fit for these porn parodies. Like Evil Head, and quite possibly Re-Penetrator, the sex in this film some of it is warped and not meant to be fantasy, I mean who has had a fantasy of zombies fucking? Tommy Pistol as you can tell in the making of this film is a fan of mainstream horror films, as he seems to be borrowing heavily. First and foremost credit should be given to Tommy for using a first time leading actress, Bonnie Rotten is a bounty hunter and one of the few survivors in this zombie outbreak. Wait till you hear how all this started leave it to Tommy Pistol to come up with some insane shit. We created a pill that was meant to cure the world from being obese. But, according to this film the only people who used this pill on the surface and looking at their bodies did not have any issue with obesity. Well, Bonnie Rotten is hired by a man called Dr. Life to track men and collect their semen at all costs. It seems that only a couple of guys (like all the ones who fuck in this film)can generate pure semen. This film is basically so insane, and just beyond belief that I feel if you sprung this in a theater waiting for World War Z, they would have more fun with this than that over budget garbage. I cannot say if this was better or worse than Evil Head, I feel they both were fun in their own ways. The sex scenes in this film seemed almost the same on Evil Head somewhat, it just seems that Tommy Pistol has a thing for women with a ton of ink. The sex scenes in the film were erotic but yet some were demented, like Annie Cruz who plays some kind of zombie was erotic in such a fucked up way that you know Tommy had to be flipping off fans while filming it. “ I will show you zombie sex can be erotic”. There is a lesbian scene in the film that really sizzles and will keep the viewer very satisfied and happy. That is the one balance that this film like Evil Head had, was that it took sexuality and mixed it with pop culture and humor and created this hybrid that I think is where porn seems to be heading more and more. I feel all involved with this film had a great time and it showed on screen. I feel that Tommy Pistol (Aramis) has such a good knack for directing off beat and genre changing films that he really has his hand on the pulse. Smash Pictures seems to be open to these ideas, and I am really hoping that people who are holding out for that fun parody porn, will see this because they will not be letdown. Like Evil Head, I would be shocked not to see the film grace top ten lists next year. This is a film that could make non porn fans, seek out more porn titles. Tommy Pistol is for real and god am I getting scared, film may never be the same again. Thank you so much.

9 out of 10