Movie Review-Alyce Kills


Coming to get you August 20th

Review-Alyce Kills is that film that either people are going to love it and praise it to anyone who listens, or people are going to hate it and tell anyone who listens how bad it is. I found myself with this film on the fence; I can see both sides of this discussion. The film starts off with Alyce and her friend hanging out and all is fine it seems till her friend catches her boyfriend texting another girl. They go home and we start to learn that Alycc has some serious issues. At first, we are to assume they may be like Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female but as the film goes on, they seem to take several turns. Alyce’s world changes when her and her friend go on the roof and during some joking around her friend falls from the building roof. At first, it is discovered that her friend did not die, but she is unable to talk because the impact of the fall she bit off her tongue or something in that realm. Well, Alyce seems to sink into some depressive world of drugs and sex. Then, when that is not good enough for her anymore, she turns to murder. This film can almost be seen as a character study one person who falls from oddness to madness. This film is a slow building ball of insanity that gives you a payoff in the third act that will have you talking. The film makes Alyce such a multilayer character, where at first when Carroll falls from the roof she is upset and crying, and you can feel her pain. But, when she is told that Carroll did not die, you can see that she is scared someone will find out what happened on the roof and Alyce becomes paranoid and frightened. The first thirty minutes revolves around their friendship and then the accident, the second thirty is the paranoia, drugs and sex journey that Alyce takes in this fucked up version of Wonderland. She is constantly haunted by the image of Carroll and knows that she has to make sure no one knows the truth. The last half hour is just a gore ride; you get killing and some of the most sadistic violent scenes in a while. This film balanced sanity and insanity in a way, we all are left to think that maybe this is some bad dream she will wake up from any moment.
Like I said earlier, I can see both sides of the debate. The film delivers a third act that is very solid and I feel fans will dig it, but the storytelling in this film does at time feel a little slow that people may get bored following it. I liked the film for the most part, and felt that the last half hour alone would guarantee me to want to see this again. To the film’s credit, it ended the film with the same emotion, it started the film. The ending shot of the film with what is said, fit this film right to a tee. I really liked the film and the ending left me wanting more, but I just wish that the storytelling aspect of the film was a little more solid and brag-worthy.

7.5 out of 10