Metal Review: Sinister Realm | World of Evil (2013)

Sinister Realm World of Evil

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The 80s have long since past, but why am I always aching to hear bands bring back that retro classic metal feel to their music? Yes, I understand that most bands from that era are seriously dated, but albums from bands like Judas Priest and KISS never get old. I could listen to British Steel any day of the week and still feel like a kid again.

With 2013, comes “World of Evil,” the latest release from Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Sinister Realm playing their style of traditional metal. Formed in 2008 by John Gaffney and Darin McCloskey, they released a four track demo the same year, then followed it up with their self-titled debut album in 2009 with “The Crystal Eye” unveiled in 2011.

“World of Evil” comes out of the gates running high with Dark Angel of Fate where guitarists John Kantner and John Risko are featured fully with their riffs. Vocalist Alex Kristof gets into the foray and we have the making of a truly good metal song. The song has a Manowar/Judas Priest feel to it and it just works.

The title track, World of Evil, is another standout on the release with its mid-tempo feel but loads of power. It has an almost doom metal feel to it, but still stays in the realm of traditional metal. The Ghosts of Nevermore is another really good track with a riff that keeps coming back at you throughout the track and then plays in your head all day long.

Prophets of War is my favorite track off of the album right now. I can listen to that bass all day long. John Gaffney’s tone is spot on with this track and Alex Kristof brings us some great vocal lines including my favorite chorus on the release.

Overall, I was not expecting to be all over “World of Evil” like I was. A lot of these bands trying to bring back traditional metal end up being way too lame for my tastes, but Sinister Realm is sinister indeed.

World of Evil Track Listing:
1. Dark Angel of Fate
2. Bell Strikes Fear
3. World of Evil
4. The Ghosts of Nevermore
5. Prophets of War
6. Cyber Villain
7. The Forest of Souls
8. Four Black Witches

Sinister Realm Line-up:
Alex Kristof – Vocals
John Gaffney – Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals
John Kantner – Rhythm & Lead Guitar
John Risko – Lead Guitar
Chris Metzger – Drums