Metal Review: Revolution Harmony | We Are (Single) (2013)

Revolution HarmonyWith an all-star line-up that I can really get behind, Revolution Harmony has released the single We Are, which will go on sale July 18, 2013 with proceeds going to Buskaid. Revolution Harmony features some of the most interesting musicians that I could think of for a project like this – Serj Tankian, Ihsahn and Devin Townsend. All of these artists are at the top of their game and are true artists in their field.

Revolution Harmony is the brainchild of British music lecturer/journalist Ray Holroyd. The lyrical theme in We Are is based on the concept behind Revolution Harmony, which is essentially the belief that musical harmony has the power to inspire a revolution towards societal harmony. The single is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the memory of Lucky Dube, regarded as South Africa’s Bob Marley, and will be released worldwide on Mandela Day (18 July), with all proceeds donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

We Are eclipses six and a half minutes and is worth every second of it. It is so layered and powerful that, if you do not get the message that they are telling you, you will want to research what the charity is for. Each musician is spot on with their performance and you can hear each of their individual parts.

Not only is the song for a worthy cause, it simply rocks, so purchase the track and support.