Metal Review: Humiliation | Turbulence From the Deep (2013)

Humiliation Turbulence From the Deep

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Malaysian death metal outfit Humiliation is back with their fourth, and possibly their finest, full-length release, “Turbulence From the Deep.” With this release, the band has added more doom metal elements to their music and more signs of musical maturity. Humiliation’s sound is unrelenting giving off the nastiest vibe at times.

There are so many standouts on this release including Operation Obeo One and Calibrated Chaos, which incorporate some great groove-oriented riffs. Both of these tracks offer plenty of variety in tone and tempo, but are as heavy as an anvil as they hit you in the chest. Tracks like Bachok’s Invasion show that this young band can ramp up the speed when they need to as well.

Guitarists Asraf and Shah have more than ample skills at their craft and have a deep, dark tone. Drummer Mudon lashes out with some ultra-heavy double bass at the most opportune times. Listening to this album is a 40+ minute headbanging journey to the deepest pits of hell and I would not have it any other way.

Turbulence From the Deep Track Listing:
1.No Return
2.Operation Obeo One
3.Phosphorous Shell
4.Calibrated Chaos
5.Bachok’s Invasion
6.Sea Denial
7.Home Front
8.Total War
9.Order of Battle
10.The Deadly Double
11.Submerged at the Seabed

Humiliation Line-up:
Afe – Bass
Mudon – Drums
Asraf – Guitars
Bear Bee – Vocals
Shah – Guitars