Metal Review: Exhumed | Necrocracy (2013)

Exhumed Necrocracy

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California’s death metal/grindcore juggernaut Exhumed is back on August 6, 2013 with their latest effort, “Necrocracy.” As you would expect from the self-described gore metal band, their latest release is chock full of riffs and insanely fast drum lines. Being their sixth full-length release, “Necrocracy” shows no sign of the band letting up on their intensity.

The immediate thing that I noticed about “Necrocracy” after a few listens is that the band seems to want to shed that comparison to Carcass that is always there. While they did their own thing too, fans always complained of a lack of variety in their sound.

The album rips out of the gate with a straight death metal piece in Coins Upon the Eyes. The thrash metal style riffs blend in perfectly with the death metal vibe. The title track, Necrocracy, has a very nice groove to it. Tracks like Dysmorphic and Sickened still do have the Carcass vibe to them, but stand on their own feet just fine. Parts of Sickened and songs like Ravening show how effective they can be when the band keeps the speed in check.

The shining point of the album is the guitar work from Matt Harvey and Bud Burke. The riffs are solid throughout the entire release and the leads shine when they need to. Mike Hamilton’s drums are always spot on, but seem to suffer from poor mic placement in some tracks, especially Sickened.

Overall, fans of Exhumed will be in love with “Necrocracy.” It is more of the same from a band that does its thing very well. When they play, they are all business regardless of the lifestyle the band leads.

Necrocracy Track Listing:
1. Coins Upon the Eyes
2. The Shape of Deaths to Come
3. Necrocracy
4. Dysmorphic
5. Sickened
6. (So Passes) The Glory of Death
7. Ravening
8. Carrion Call
10. The Rotting

Exhumed Line-up:
Bob Babcock – Bass, Vocals
Matt Harvey – Vocals, Guitars
Bud Burke – Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Mike Hamilton – Drums