Metal Review: Cold Colours – Self-Titled (2013)

Cold Colours

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Cold Colours is a Minneapolis group created by vocalist/instrumentalist Brian James Huebner. The band is named after a Rotting Christ song, which is the final song on this self titled release. The project touches upon a variety of different metal styles ranging from gothic metal to doom metal to death metal.

Orifice is a misleading intro getting you ready for something completely different that the intro leads you to expect. I like the tease into something much heavier. Disgust and The Process of Dying start the album off with an almost strictly death metal feel, but This Devotion switches gears towards a more gothic metal type sound. From this point forward, all bets are off on what the songs will sound like.

A lot of the latter songs focus more on the atmosphere than the riff and both styles work for “Cold Colours” as they are able to pull these both off with ease.

Huebner’s harsh growling vocals are a perfect fit for the darker songs as his gritty voice takes the songs to that next level. The clean vocals work for the most part as well, but the power is in the growl for Cold Colours.

Suffering God is a straight doom metal piece with riffs pulled from the bowels of hell. The guitar tone and song melody work really well on this one. The album also closes out with the cover of Rotting Christ’s Cold Colours, which is a decent cover that does justice to the original. As you know, I am a huge Rotting Christ fan, so it is tough for me to approve this, but Cold Colours does just fine.

Cold Colours Track Listing:
1. Orifice (Intro)
2. Disgust
3. The Process of Dying
4. This Devotion
5. Suffering God
6. A Loss of Faith
7. Of Sand and Tears
8. Silent Speech
9. Cold Colours (Rotting Christ cover)

Cold Colours Line-up:
Brian James Huebner – Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Keyboards
Aaron Lott – Guitars
David Richardson – Drums / Vocals

Pat Ruhland – Drums
Jon Rayl – Keyboards / Vocals