Metal Review: Anagnorisis | Beyond All Light (2013)

Anagnorisis Beyond All Light

Louisville, Kentucky is not exactly the hub of all things black metal, but Louisville-based black metal band Anagnorisis is proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the black metal conversation. With their first effort since their 2007 debut, “Overton Trees,” Anagnorisis comes back with their sophomore effort “Beyond All Light,” a two-part LP broken into two segments, each act featuring three massive songs overall encompassing nearly fifty minutes.

The two opening tracks are evil incarnate with speed and agression highly focused on these. Eulerian Path is a pretty solid track. On the third track, Death Mimics Life, the album shifts a little and becomes more atmospheric in its approach. Zak Denham’s guitar work sets a great tone for this track with Zachary Kerr’s vocals fitting perfectly into the mix. Death Mimics Life is the easy standout on this release.

The second act of “Beyond All Light” becomes more melodic, and in many, stronger. Songs like Bountiful Godless Life are still fast as hell with spot-on blastbeats and ultra-violent riffwork, but with more pronounced keyboards and sharper melodies, the songs are more atmospheric.

Beyond All Light” will be released on CD and digital download July 23, 2013, with vinyl and casette to follow shortly after.

Beyond All Light Track Listing:
Part I
1. Eulerian Path
2. This Cursed Blood
3. Death Mimics Life

Part II
4. Abyss
5. Bountiful Godless Life
6. Forever Night

Anagnorisis Line-up:
Zachary Kerr – Vocals
Zak Denham – Guitars
Samuel Hartman – Keyboards
Chris Smith – Drums
Josh Mumford – Bass