Metal Review: Altars | Paramnesia (2013)

Altars ParamnesiaAustralian death metal act Altars is up to bat with their debut release “Paramnesia,” hitting September 6, 2013 through Nuclear Winter Records. For the past four years, Altars has been making an underground name from themselves with a demo, two splits and a single. With the release of their debut, the Australian trio are ready for the world to hear their brand of death metal.

Paramnesia” is a death metal release that touches upon a few other subgenres of metal, but also sets up a nice atmospheric sound. Songs like Khaz’neh are heavy as hell while still painting this picture of the story that they are telling. Solar Barge has a more occult them to it and is no less effective.

The band are no slouches technically either, with each member being solid at their craft. Overall, “Paramnesia” is a more than ample release, debut or otherwise. If you are looking for some fresh death metal in your collection, add Altars as one of the bands to keep an eye on.

Paramnesia Track Listing:
1. Mare
2. Terse
3. Khaz’neh
4. Solar Barge
5. Husk
6. Descent (Paramnesia, part I)
7. Gibbous (Paramnesia, part II)
8. Ouroboros (Paramnesia, part III)