Metal Review: Agathodaimon – In Darkness (2013)

Agathodaimon In Darkness

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Mainz, Germany’s black/dark metal act Agathodaimon may be a new name to some, but they formed eight years ago by Sathonys (Guitar) and Matthias Rodig (Drums). “In Darkness” is the band’s sixth full-length release and it displays many of the same elements that their previous releases have displayed.

The album begins with the title track, In Darkness (We Shall be Reborn), which shows a lot of what the band is all about. There are melodic elements to open the track, but when the music amps up, you see their black metal traits. The riffs and vocals are bleeding black metal. Just to show their diversity, they have tracks like Favourite Sin, which incorporate so many dark metal elements including Sathonys’ clean vocals blending with Ash’s shreiking vocals. Favourite Sin is a simply addicting track. The keeper on this release though is the anthemic I’ve Risen with its nice groove and pace.

Overall, the first three tracks are astounding considering their previous body of work. The remainder of the album is pretty solid as well, but do not have the major impact that the first three songs have. This is not to say that the album is a letdown at all, but it is very solid.

In Darkness Track Listing:
1. In Darkness (We Shall be Reborn)
2. I’ve Risen
3. Favourite Sin
4. Oceans of Black
5. Adio
6. Somewhere, Somewhere
7. Dusk of an Infinite Shade (Amurg)
8. Höllenfahrt der Selbsterkenntnis
9. Adio – Acoustic Version

Agathodaimon Line-up:
Chris “Ashtrael” Bonner – Vocals
Martin “Sathonys” Wickler – Guitars, Vocals
Thilo “Azrael” Feucht – Guitars
Manuel Steitz – Drums
Till Ottinger – Bass