Blu Ray Review-Street Trash (Special Meltdown Edition)


Review-Street Trash this week is finally out on blu ray, but the sweet part of the deal is that Synapse has released it, which means this is going to be amazing. Synapse is one of the few labels that put so much love and attention to their releases that you know you are going to get a stellar deal once you open the packaging and slap this in the player. Street Trash is one of those lost gems that when it gets a release, some fans go all hoopla and buy it, then within days no one else even mentions it. For starters Street Trash to me is such an important film for its time, it is so much fun and just over the top insanity, that you know when you watch it, you are watching a film that should be a very huge deal to more movie fans. Plot wise, you have Fred who is a bum living in an old New York junkyard. The film also focuses on some of the characters that Fred encounters, which range from insane Vietnam vet Bronson, some cop who seems to have a boner for serial killers named Bill, among many others. The film gets its name by not only the characters but a drink. A local liquor store owner finds an ancient box of wine bottles and decides to try and make some money and sell them to the buns for a dollar. Well, one gulp or drink of this wine and your body seems to go thru this very graphic meltdown. This film is just insanity but yet very entertaining, for a low budget film you are going to be blown away from what they got on that budget. This film has some very impressive special effects that on blu ray look even more impressive than they did on vhs or dvd. For people thinking this is some kind of Troma gross out rip off, you are so off the mark. This film is not content with the usual gore and just goes all out to make it more and more disgusting and funnier than one would expect. There is this scene where one character is beating the shit out of someone and out of fun he just throws up on him. This film deserves all the praise and cult love it gets, this film is that one of a kind film that once you watch it, you just know you will never see anything quite like it again. If you are sitting back and wondering if this film is for you or not, I will say yes it is. If you have the Synapse dvd version and was worried about the double dip, I will say that this picture and sound is clearly a vast improvement and is worth the re-buy.

9 out of 10