Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WWE – 1994 As told by Sean Waltman


Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries are back with their popular Timeline series. They take a wrestling personality and sit him down and go over a year in the life of the company that they worked for at the time. What they also do is go month to month and talk about the major news of that month and get details into what the train of thought was about or what was going on. This time around is very interesting they have Sean Waltman aka Xpac, 123 Kid, Lightning Kid, Syxx and many more names and they discuss with him WWE in 1994. I will say right now Sean Waltman does great interviews, and if you ever get a chance to hear any of his shoots with Kayfabe Commentaries, they are well worth the price of admission. The one thing I always like about Waltman is he does not play any games or shy away from controversy. He says what is on his mind whether it is popular or not, and I feel if anyone else did this Timeline beside Waltman it would have sucked. 1994 was quite a year of uncertainty in all wrestling. You had WCW at the time signing Hogan, you had the ass end of the trials that McMahon and his company went thru with the allegations of steroids. This timeline seems to go in depth about those situations, and also brings up the early rumblings about UFC and how WWE felt about it. The one thing I was shocked that was not discussed was the emergence of ECW, though Waltman does talk about Shane Douglas given the character of doom in WWE. Waltman at times comes across very emotional, and he does get very teary eyed once or twice on here. Waltman also seems protective of his clique or friends and does not delve too much into dirt or stories about them. He does put over a ton of people and talks about when Nash who played Diesel at the time got the title and babyface push. I feel Oliver and Kayfabe lead the market in terms of quality and also the questions, Oliver never seems to want to shy away from opening up his guests. Each month of 1994 really seemed so interesting, more so behind the scenes than what was being shown on television. And clocking in at almost three hours, you know that Waltman did not want to stop. The selling point to this is that you get so much knowledge and behind the scenes info from Waltman you feel he opened the curtains and want you to come in the back and hang out with him. All in all, this is a must watch and listen. Waltman does not letdown and Oliver like always makes the most out of each question and answer. This was fascinating and really enjoyable. Better than anything the big two are producing on television these days.

9 out of 10