Women in Music Reviews: The latest cds by Mortillery-New Years Day-Mellonta Tauta-Trail of Tears- Tears of Martyr and Pet Tigers


Battle March
No Way Out
Cease to Exist
Creature Possessor
Seen in Death
Feed the Fire
The Hunters’ Lair
Sunday Morning Slasher

Review-I am a fan of what Mortillery offered on Murder, Death, Kill and I feel this band has such a love for the 80’s thrash scene that their youthful energy and passion could become a hit with fans. Now here we are at the follow up, and I will admit if you liked the debut you will like this one just as well. I know people are sick of these memory lane bands that seem to want to bring back yesteryear with their sound, but I feel Mortillery do it so good that why not. Cara McCutchen has so much passion that when you hear her sing, you cannot just sit there and not get into it. With the guitar work of Scott and Guitierrez, it is such an infectious combination that metal fans who miss the old school sound of bands like Slayer, DRI, Death Angel, and the list goes on and on would really get behind this release. This record works because this band is so fucking hungry; they are energetic, passionate and so sincere. There is a track on here called F.O.A.D, that is pretty blunt and would be the perfect mosh pit anthem that people would sing long after the show is over. This is basically stadium rock guitar work, mid tempo thrash and a female that can belt out with the best thrash singers. This is a band that is catchy, and plays their hearts out and at the end of each song leaves nothing behind. So, 80’s Thrash is still alive and this is a very good thing. This is a fun record to play with your friends in the car on the way to a show. In the land of mediocre metal and bands that have no clue what they want to be, this band is definitely worth a listen for the simple fact that they are playing what they believe in, and that translate into a very solid record.

8.5 out of 10


Track List:
1. Do Your Worst
2. I’m No Good
3. Bloody Mary
4. Victims
5. Hello Darkness
6. Death of the Party
7. The Arsonist
8. Angel Eyes (featuring Chris Motionless of Motionless in White)
9. Any Last Words?
10. Tombstone
11. Last Great Love Story

Review- Ashley Costello is one of those vocalists that I cannot get a grasp on where she is coming from. Her style sounds like almost all the other female artists, yet she tries to put her own stamp on the sound but it just does not scream to me that she is nothing more than another beautiful face in the sea of beautiful faces. That being said, this record is more of the same you expect with this band since their debut in 2007. The cd starts off with a little haunting piano intro that lead to generic guitars and that goth pop style that you heard on every other goth pop metal band with a female lead. That being said, the first two tracks as heavily polished and commercial feel that they are, were catchy and had me liking them, this whole record is so bubble gum but I found myself getting into it. I’m No Good is this band’s In This Moment little hype song to get people excited. And for the most part the song seems to work, it does jump out and wants you to get into and tries so hard. As this cd goes on it seems to have this message in each song as some kind of revenge, and by the time it gets to Any Last Words? this band seems to try to change its sound and identity. If you heard all the other New Years Day cds and you liked them this will be another hit for you, if you did not care for them before chances are you will not care for this safe pop goth metal with safe singing and catchy guitars. For the most part, I found myself getting into it more than I thought I would, but there is nothing on this cd you have not heard before. Tombstone though, could be a big hit for them and put them in Halestorm range.

7 out of 10


1. Love Is Happiness
2. Twenty Years Later
3. Sunset Breeze
4. Raining House
5. Travel To The End
6. Live Here Forever
7. Moonlight Melodies
8. Paris Noir
9. Half-full Glass
10. Rainbow Melodies
11. Mistery Dream
12. Pampa Soul
13. Ice Star
14. Sunrise Melodies

Review-You can tell a musician runs Projekt Records. Sam Rosenthal who a lot of people may know from the incredible band Black Tape for a Blue Girl knows his music and when he seems to sign a band that band already has my attention, because of all the releases Projekt has put out, there has yet to be one that I felt was inferior. Mellonta Tauta I will just say right now is incredible. They have been around the scene since 1994, and for fans of bands like Belle and Sebastian, Apples in Stereo, Stars and Magnetic Fields are going to love this new cd. Karina Altamiranda who is the vocalist comes across like Kate Bush for the gothic dream pop age. Rainbow Melodies is just as the title tells you, it is a collection of songs that just open your mind and eyes to so many beautiful journeys. Love Is Happiness opens the cd and you get such a rich blend of vocals and sound that you just want to sit back and close your eyes and let the headphones speak to you. This cd ranges from jazz, goth, to just pop and it does it all so amazing. This cd is operatic and also so emotional. It incorporates keyboards, saxophone and almost anything else the songs require. This band reminds me of a softer Rainer Maria, it is just so beautiful this record that no matter what age or music genre you are into, this cd is such a treasure that I feel any music fan would really dig this record. There is definitely not too many bands like them out these days and when you hear one it is a must to pick it up.

9 out of 10


1. Waves Of Existence
2. Scream Out Loud
3. Crimson Leads On The Trail Of Tears
4. Oscillation
5. Path Of Destruction
6. Vultures Guard My Shadow
7. The Dawning
8. Room 306
9. Our Grave Philosophy
10. Lost In Life
11. Eradicate
12. Sleep Forever (bonus)
13. Quick Fix Of Shame (bonus)

Review-I think right now for Trail of Tears their eternal conflicts are what people are talking about more than any music they have done. They seem to have the same issues that Nightwish have. That drama aside, the latest release by Trail of Tears is an uneven affair and you can tell they are having issues all over this cd. This is a band that does that gothic metal, with the male growler and female who sings melodic and then the guitars rip. One thing is for sure the band really needs this cd to be their big success because with the lineup shake up, I am not sure how many fans will be in their corner for the next go around. The sound is huge and over the top with the female vocals that seem so operatic that I think a solo career may be in the horizon. Why do I harp on about the vocals, it is because this does feel like her solo record more than a band effort? This band is proof that a good production is not everything, that you need music to back it up. Paulsen’s vocals this time out does not have the passion of past records and you can tell that all the drama in this band has taken a toll on all the members. Ronny is not a good singer, he never was and that is a shame, at least with bands like Deathlock, the lead singer seems to have more in his arsenal than screams that sound out of place. This is not a bad cd, it just feels like they did not have their hearts into it. The music this time around has no vocal interactions that try or even a little dynamic and interesting like they tried to do more in the past, instead in the place is a band that seems to be falling apart and with this record is trying to throw some scraps out and see if they can make a dollar. I just hope this band can rebound and get their shit together for the next release, if there is one.

5 out of 10


1. The Scent No. 13
2. Golem
3. Mermaid And Loneliness
4. Vampires Of The Sunset Street
5. Ancient Pine Awaits
6. Lost Boys
7. Fallen Hero
8. Of A Raven Born
9. Wolves And A Witch
10. Ran Into The Forest

Review-The follow up to Entrance their debut record is flat out amazing. Berenice Musa has an incredible voice that may remind fans of Tarja in her early Nightwish days. She has this soprano delivery that just comes across epic and star making. Golem is the perfect lead off song for fans to discover them. (They released a video for it) This is a combination of gothic, opera and just flat out symphonic metal in its pure form. At times Miguel Angel Marques does this growling vocal delivery that really compliment her vocals, in almost a beauty and the beast delivery. This is the cd Nightwish and Epica fans have been waiting for years for. This time around everything comes across as bigger and classier, the production value along with the songs are just so brag-worthy. All the years between cds, you can tell the band took their time and put out the best cd they could. The arrangements and orchestration is just so detailed and amazing.
Ancient Pine Awaits is a simple yet beautiful song, which features both vocalists in almost an opera style with guitar strumming and almost an unplugged sound that really was beautiful and such a luscious sound scape it sends you into. It also shows you that both vocalists are very talented and do not need to hide behind instruments or each other. To me this cd is a must listen, it plays out like a soundtrack to some gothic euphoria that the band wants to send you into. Musa sends the eardrums to a higher place almost like a sound orgasm. This cd is going to make people talk, and whether you are a fan of the genre or not, this cd could win you over. The band has created a cd that they should all be very proud about.

9 out of 10


Review-Squidhat Records latest signing Pet Tigers are an interesting band. They seem to be a 70’s inspired synth punk band that is more surf or Raveonettes/Vivian Girls inspired than punk like the Pistols, Rancid or Clash. This is a band that I think knows the importance of first impressions and really put out a cd that if anything else is varied in its approach and offers a lot of different flavors into a band that really has a lot of personality and really shine on each track. For you people who are fans of Squidhat label mates The Gashers and Dirty Panties and you are expecting that on this cd you are going to be sad. This is a band that really seems to want to bring back both the 80’s with the synth, and the 60’s with the vocal delivery in each song. This is what The Start and Aimee Echo has been trying to put out for long over a decade. I bet live these guys can really get the crowd to move around and people to sing along. This band has that infectious catchiness that each song really stands out as a reason for the listener not to just sit around but to get up and get into it. By the last track of this cd, I really wanted more and wish it was not over. Liz Ofte has sexiness to her voice that she seems to be welcoming you into the song, and sounds like this cd is a litmus paper as to what they want to do with this band. She has a voice that at times comes across as Siouxsie inspired with a sound that sounds Human League inspired, and you just know this band if exposed will be huge. This band and this label are really on the cutting edge of something major in music, if you want that cd that you know once you hit play you will be addicted and hitting the repeat button over and over, this may be it. This is such a fun throwback record, and Squidhat Records is really such an important new label that I feel respects music and puts out some very awesome work.

9 out of 10