Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 – Horror Elements

You know that we are all about the horror at FearShop.com and WickedChannel.com. The majority of our products are horror and metal themed and we have a horror podcast that we have done for nearly five years. You could say that we have a little thing for horror. While it may seem odd that we get so excited for Wizard World, you should know that Wizard World has plenty of horror elements in addition to the obvious comic ties.

Vendors throughout the venue have plenty of horror wares that they are peddling and there are even tables dedicated to horror. “Machete Kills” had a table dedicated to the film itself replaying the trailer and offering promotional material for the taking. There are plenty of horror shirts and toys to be found as well as some great horror artists.

One of the more impressive booths that I saw was art being made from etching scenes into black glass. I know of that art form, but never really saw it done before my eyes before. The artwork is sharp (no pun intended). It takes a special artist to make this look good and it sure looked good.

We ran into a few new horror themed toy creators pushing their new lines as well. I love seeing new horror products because I love seeing the creativity and love talking to the product developers. As you would expect, there is so much love for the genre when you decide to make your business a horror themed business. This is what you call doing what you love.

Of course, Linda Blair was in attendance as well. She is always a treat to talk to. Unfortunately, I kept missing her due to her breaks. I did not even think about it until someone told me that I should show her my Exorcist tattoo. I have this really nice Exorcist tattoo that I worked out in Photoshop and took to my tattoo artist to put it on my arm. He did one hell of a job. If I had thought of it, I would have had her sign my arm and them get that tattooed in there as well.

So, if you think that Wizard World offers nothing about horror, you are oh so wrong.

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 - Horror Elements