Wizard World Philadelphia 2013: How Things Change

Wizard World Philadelphia 2013I have been attending comic conventions in Philadelphia for about 20 years – whether it’s the big Wizard type cons held at the convention center or the smaller bi-monthly ones held at various hotels. While attending the amazing spectacle that Wizard World Philly has become this early June, I could not help notice how far things have come since I started attending. The first thing you notice is the diversity. Twenty years ago, it was guys like me, white males into what my sister and her friends would call “a different world” when referring to comic books and collecting. Now, it is just a melting pot of young and old, male and female, and all colors, shapes and sizes. The second thing is the amount of cosplay that is going on. It used to be mostly guys in Star Wars or Bats/Supe outfits. Now there is a huge amount of women and children dressing up as their favorite characters. The talent has also improved here in Philly. Every year there seems to be better and better artists and writers. The professionalism of self-publishing is shocking compared to what it was just ten years ago. There also seems to be a lot more vendors dealing in non-comic related items. Everything from handmade leather journals to creepy horror dolls. That extra variety really adds to the show and also they finally added some seating for people. I like to make several rounds and it’s cool that you can sit for a few minutes this year but some more seats next year would be great. I was able to get great deals on the Hellraiser and Shadowman TPB’s I was looking for among other items.  Fair warning… money goes fast at Wizard World Cons. I am already saving for June 19-22, 2014. Check Fearshop.com/podcast  or Wizard World throughout the year for dates on upcoming Comic Cons and horror cons.

*Wizard World’s next big Con is NY City June 28-30.

Ivy Doom Kitty