Wicked Channel Interview-Jill Janus ( Huntress)


1. What was your first music memory that made you want to be a singer?

My mother said I was singing before I could speak. I’ve always known my purpose, and that is to sing. The first time I heard Suicidal Tendencies that started the fire. I wanted to sing heavy metal. I’m a sucker for thrash.

2. Growing up what kind of kid were you?

I was fortunate to have a very eccentric family who encouraged me to follow my path and seek the secret sight. My mother and father divorced when I was 5, this gave me a fierce work ethic. I was cleaning houses at the age of seven to help my mother buy groceries. I came from humble beginnings and won’t ever lose my humility. I have always known my purpose.

3. If Huntress did not happen for you, what was the backup plan?

There is no backup plan. My entire life has been devoted to living for my purpose, which is Huntress. And eventually living in the forest, tripping my tits off on ‘shrooms, on my family’s land in Upstate New York. I’d also like to grow out my armpit hair and smoke weed all day long, like a proper horny old crone.

4. For people not familiar with your band, or living under a rock somewhere, how would you describe Huntress’s music?

Huntress stays true to the roots of Heavy Metal. Melodic yet vicious. No backing tracks, no drum triggers, no bullshit. When you listen to a Huntress song, expect to see that song performed live exactly as you heard it recorded. This is vital to our existence. The real deal.

5. Huntress is about to release their second record, which as you know means critics, and those reviews. Do you read all your press? And if so, does the bad stuff get to you?

I don’t read reviews, positive or negative; other opinions do not affect my path. I appreciate kindness and positivity though, and always keep my goals away from trolls.


6. Do you think as a female musician you have to work twice as hard as the males to get respect?

Nope. I’m very content to exist in a male dominated world. I like being surrounded by big, burly bearded men who protect me.

7. You guys are doing a cd signing and you get a pretty big fan base showing up. The first fan is over-excited (you know the kind) and he pulls out an illegal burn of your cd to sign. What do you say to him or do?

I do not judge. I am an artist. Leave that to the record label and management. I love all who love music.

8. You know what Revolver and all the metal magazines think, and you probably know what 99.9 of your fan base think, but do you see yourself as a sex symbol?

Sure. I use sorcery to draw you closer to the flame, and then burn you alive with the voice. I fear nothing, and don’t think of these things. Such a waste of songwriting time. Toxic and silly.

9. What do you think is the biggest misconception of Jill Janus?

I don’t care. There will always be misconceptions about me and Huntress. I’m not here to change the world.

10. How much pressure was on you to follow up your debut which let’s be honest, a lot of people really praised hard and high?

The boys and I agreed to not participate in pressure. We strive to be great for ourselves.


11. Do you view being in a band as fun or this is a job for you? Also do you enjoy touring and all these sacrifices you have to make to do this?

The moment it becomes un-fun is the day it ends. We are living the dream. We are humbled and new to this world. It’s very much a business, but it’s still so much fun. I love my brothers. I couldn’t imagine walking this path without them. The sacrifices fade quickly, they are replaced with victory.

12. What was the last cd you had to rush out on first day to go buy?

I think the last music I bought was Judy Collins “Wildflowers” on iTunes, on my iPhone. I needed to hear it on tour. She is other-worldly, that album shaped my childhood. I miss the farm and my family, being so far way for so long. I listen to folk and country music when I miss home.

13. Do you think America is wise to marijuana use? Do you think that we need to legalize and tax it? Would this be the cure for our economy?

I don’t speak of politics or tax or government because I am ignorant to it. I would make a fool of myself if I attempted. I only care about music. And I love weed. But it’s never a problem to find it, that’s for sure! It finds me.

14.In your honest opinion, do you think downloading killed the music industry? Do you think music will ever be the same as it once was?

You’re barking up the wrong tree here. Ask me about faeries or the Crystal Pyramids just discovered in the Bermuda Triangle and we’ve got a conversation!

15. You guys have played quite a few live shows. Who was the best band or singer you guys played with? Also, you knew this was coming, you have to spill on this..who were the worst to you guys?

Everyone has been awesome. We’ve had so many opportunities in our infant stage. Dragonforce was monumental for Huntress. We learned so much about touring etiquette, professionalism and staying cool. Those dudes are rad. We’ve been fortunate!


16. If you could tour with anyone alive or dead, who would you want to tour with and why?

King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. We’re mega geeks for King Diamond.

17. What band beside yours do you think should be bigger than they are? Also, what bands do you think should hang it up and retire?

Dreaming Dead — they rip. A female fronted band from Los Angeles who completely melts faces. I don’t think anyone should ever retire. Die on stage.

18. If a young girl came up to you after a show and say to you, “I want to do that when I grow up”. What advice would you offer and what would you tell her in general?

I would tell her to focus on self-control. Being a woman, I know we are ruled by emotions and there is no place for that when living on the road. Focus and be calm. Ditch the female drama.

19. Since you mentioned that, I have to ask this question, what do you think is the issue with all these bands that seem to have a female singer and a male band member who speaks for the band? Why does there always seem to be drama?

I don’t care. I’m not sorry about it either. Do people really think about this crap?

20. You know right now Nightwish has had many issues with female singers. Has any offers been made to you to front them? What about The Gathering or Trail of Tears?

Are you kidding me? Do you see me wearing a velvet corset? I am not easy listening metal. Fuck that shit.

21. Let’s be honest Jill you are absolutely breath taking beautiful, and a great vocalist. What dating advice would you give a guy who wanted to pursuit a woman in metal?

Don’t bother. She will pursue you if she wants you. All attempts are futile.

22. If you could sum up the last few years of being in Huntress in one sentence what would it be?

Huntress is the unstoppable force.

23. We made the end of this interview, thank you so much and I hope you had fun. This is your time to talk, promote and push your band and cd. Thanks so much

Thank you for asking some really unique, fun questions! Hail heavy metal!

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