TV Review-Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season


Reviewed by Melissa DePaolo

Adventure Time Season 2

Oh my Glob! They are finally releasing Season 2 of Adventure Time and it is mathematical! This series continues to follow Jake and Finn through the magical Land of Ooo and introduces new characters along the way.

The second season introduces us to Marceline’s dad through the brilliant episode “It Came From the Nightosphere” and shows us what happens when the Ice King shaves his beard in “Loyalty to the King”. We also see the return of Tree Trunks, a pie-making mini-elephant and meet the Land of Ooo’s biggest villain so far, the Lich King.

The second series continues to tread the line between light and darkness. The episodes manage to be both incredibly silly and thought-provoking. One of the silliest episodes in the second season, “The Chamber of Frozen Blades”, is a silly adventure that features Finn and Jake messing around in the Ice King’s secret ice ninja chamber while he is out. “Death in Bloom” focuses on Finn and Jake treading through the land of the dead to retrieve Princess Bubblegum’s beloved plant after they accidentally kill it.

One of my favorite things about Adventure Time are the relationships between the characters. Jake and Finn are the best of friends. Even when they get mad at each other, they manage to focus on the problem facing them. An example of this can be found in “Videomakers”, when they set out to make a movie but are unable to cooperate on anything, including what kind of movie it should be. This season continues to show the pair helping each other through all sorts of situations. Finn goes on an adventure by himself in order to have a story that will help Jake heal from being sick (“Storytelling”), Jake helping Finn rescue the Hot Dog Princess’ knights who are lost in a maze (“The Limit”), and Jake rescuing Finn after he is kidnapped (“Party Animal”).

The series also focuses on other friendships as well, including Finn and Marceline (“It Came From the Nightosphere” and “Go With Me”), Jake and Lady Rainicorn (“Her Parents”), and Finn and Princess Bubblegum (“The Real You”).

All of the characters are fully fleshed out. Finn and Jake, while always being on the side of good, often make mistakes, the biggest being witnessed in “The Real You” when Finn almost destroys the universe in an attempt to impress Princess Bubblegum and in “The Other Tarts” when Princess Bubblegum places them in charge of transporting the Royal Tarts to a very important ceremony.

The episodes that most impressed me in this season were “Mortal Folly” and “Mortal Recoil”. They pit Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum against the most dangerous foe they have run into, the Lich King. These episodes show that Finn and Jake’s decisions have real consequences.

Overall, I highly recommend Season 2 for any fan of Adventure Time. If you have hesitated in checking out this series, give it a chance. You will not regret it.