Schwarzer Engel Interview

Schwarzer EngelWC: First off, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

SE: I’m gladly answering your questions! Interviews give me the chance, to see things from a different point of view.

WC: Tell us a little about the history of the band and what the name SCHWARZER ENGEL means?

SE: SCHWARZER ENGEL means BLACK ANGEL in English. I founded the band in 2007, but normally I see 2010 as the real founding date, because we didn`t play any shows from 2007 on or released anything. I just began songwriting for the project in 2007. In 2010 we signed with the Trisol Music Group and released our debut-album “Apokalypse” via the label. In autumn the same year we played our first Tour through Germany together with THE VISION BLEAK and AHAB. The Tourstart was also the first show ever for SCHWARZER ENGEL. Along with the tour we released a 5-Track EP called “Geister und Dämonen”. In 2011 we released our second album “Träume einer Nacht”. After we published our first Videoclip for the Track “Königin der Nacht” we started to play some german Gothic and Metal-Festivals, like the Wave Gotik-Treffen (the biggest Gothic festival of the world) and some others. Now, in February 2013 we signed a deal with Massacre Records and released our new EP and Videoclip “Schwarze Sonne” some weeks ago. The EP gives a foretaste for the upcoming album “In Brennenden Himmeln”, which will be released on 26.7.2013 worldwide (except for North-America, Release-Date 28.8.2013) through Massacre Records.

WC: What were your thoughts about what you wanted the Schwarze Sonne EP to sound like?

SE: I wanted to sound the Schwarze Sonne EP like a typical SCHWARZER ENGEL-Release. I wanted to continue combining heavy metal riffs with deep spoken vocals and catchy melodies. The EP should give the fans a first impression on the upcoming album. But be shure that the Album will increase heavyness. The “Schwarze Sonne EP” opens the gate…

WC: You had a couple of guest musicians on the EP. Was this something that you wanted to do for some time?

SE: Yeah, Johanna von Orleans (opera singer of famous german band E NOMINE), Stefan Dittrich (Ex-MYSTIC PROPHECY, ILLUMINATE) and El Friede from legendary german band OOMPH! Play on the new record. I enjoy working together with skilled musicians. Especially with the background I`m writing the whole music and lyrics for the SCHWARZER ENGEL albums on my own, It brings some variety in, by working together with some guest-musicians. But also before the new EP, we had some guests on the records. So in the past, I did collaborations with members from metal-acts like LEAVES EYES, LIV KRISTINE, ATROCITY, SAMSAS TRAUM or DIARY OF DREAMS.

Schwarzer EngelWC: Your lyrical theme is pretty dark. Is that your view of the world itself?

SE: The world consists of light and darkness, day and night. It’s a place of beauty, but also cruelty and destruction. But you clamped it right – My lyrics reflect mostly the “dark” side of this planet. SCHWARZER ENGEL presents an apocalyptic view on this world!

WC: Have you considered hiring a band for the studio recordings?

SE: No, I didn`t. Because if you can play and record all instruments that you need by yourself, you don`t need to hire a studioband for recording the albums. This contains the advantage, that I can do exactly what I want to do with every note and every word. So I don`t have to compromise… But besides I’m writing all music and lyrics for SCHWARZER ENGEL on my own, I enjoy working with highly talented guest-musicians on the records as I mentioned before.

WC: What are your upcoming tour plans?

SE: We are going to play M`era Luna Festival in Germany this year, where also NIGHTWISH, HIM and others will make an appearance. Besides we will play the Rockharz-Festival with Bands like SOULFLY, KREATOR and more…these are the plans so far. We will see, what the future brings…

WC: What are your major influences musically?

SE: As Influences I would like to mention first of all RAMMSTEIN, then DIMMU BORGIR, AMON AMARTH, CRADLE OF FILTH and also melodic Metal-Bands like IN FLAMES.

WC: Do you have any recent bands that you are a fan of?

SE: No, there was nothing outstanding new I listened to in the last time.

WC: What are your thoughts on the metal scene in Germany?

SE: For me the german metal scene is kind of fascinating. We have a couple of legendary typical Metalbands like KREATOR but also a lot of artists that can`t be defined as typical metalband but however they are part of the metal scene. One example for a band like this is RAMMSTEIN. They are influenced by metal, but they are more an industrial rock band. In SCHWARZER ENGEL I also mix different music styles of music together. The German metal scene is very wide-ranging.

WC: Any last thoughts that you would like to leave your fans with?

SE: Be shure to check out our upcoming album “In Brennenden Himmeln” and also check out our new video for “Schwarze Sonne” on Youtube! And….Horns up!

WC: Thank you for your time.

SE: Thank you!

Video “Schwarze Sonne” (Taken from the upcoming album “In Brennenden Himmeln”):

Video For “Königin der Nacht” (Taken from the album “Träume einer Nacht”):