Music Review-Squash Bowels-Grindcoholism


1. Tastelessness
2. Trap
3. The Theater
4. Surrender?
5. The Second…
6. Inclinations To…
7. Grindcoholism
8. Steering
9. Naked Positive Act
10. La Mienta
11. Compassions
12. Litany Of Hungry
13. Foreign Will
14. Stigmatizing

Review-The hype about Squash Bowels is really getting more and more steam and deservedly so, they have yet to fail to deliver a quality release and their 6th full length cd is quite easily their best release to date. This is a band that has a sound that starts off hitting the gas at ten and does not let up. Grindcoholism is the follow up to the 2009 release Grindvirus, and as you can guess this band is grind at its loudest and most furious. The band has managed to maintain their heaviness and even at times like the title track add a little catchy guitar and drinking to show fans that they are having fun making this record. This cd has only one issue that as great of a grind album this is, I just wish they would have released it sooner. This is a band who I feel has so much to offer, and if fans gave them a listen they would not be turning it off. This band has one of the best guitar sounds on any grind album this year, it is not what you would expect from the way the vocals go. The guitar seems to play against the drumming and vocals and it works. I mean this cd just comes right out of the gate swinging and does not let up till the end. But, I still cannot escape the guitar sound on this cd sounding so crunchy and catchy at the same time, where you can tell they were working more on riffs than trying to sound like a buzz saw. The vocals are what you expect from a grind record as is the drumming. You have a gargling vocalist to a rapid fire of pounding drums, you talk about a task, how the drummer kept this pace going thru this whole cd, is just pure insane. I love grindcore bands and this band is just a very welcome addition to the genre. This cd is massive, powerful and from start to finish a very brutal time. This cd is a must listen for all fans of grind and death metal fans.

9 out of 10