Music Review-Queensryche-Queensryche


1. “X2” (instrumental)
2. “Where Dreams Go to Die”
3. “Spore”
4. “In This Light”
5. “Redemption”
6. “Vindication”
7. “Midnight Lullaby'” (instrumental)
8. “A World Without”
9. “Don’t Look Back”
10. “Fallout”
11. “Open Road”

Todd La Torre – vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars
Parker Lundgren – guitars
Eddie Jackson – bass
Scott Rockenfield – drums, percussion, keys

Review-Queensryche is one of those bands I always thought was above all the mudslinging and fighting. In the last few year or so, when people talk about this band it is not so much about their legacy and the impact they have had. Nowadays it is all this mudslinging that the band is doing, and how each band is trying to one up the other, and making fans feel like they have to choose. I will be honest, I was not a fan of the Geoff Tate solo record and I got a ton of flak from diehard fans who really loved it. But I have to admit how bad the solo record was, made me curious about the Tate fronted Queensryche’s cd. To me that band which changes members daily, put out a cd that made the solo record seem like the second coming of Rage for Order. Now we have the other half of the story putting out their cd, which let’s be honest the last really amazing Queensryche cd or at least listenable was many moons ago. Saying that, Todd La Torre’s vocals on this cd, if you did not know better and closed your eyes you would swear it sounds like Geoff is back and refreshed to a point. I will say this with Queensryche there is no way we can expect them to put out anything near Empire, Rage or anything from that era. So, when the listener goes into this cd expecting that you may as well forget listening to it. Going into this cd I was not really a fan of Todd’s, as I was with Crimson Glory when Midnight sang, and gave up when he did. I will admit he has this Geoff Tate vocal delivery down pat, whereas when Ripper took over for Rob in Priest, you knew that the guy had an identity and personality, Todd seems to be playing a role. I will admit listening to this cd, I did not hate all of it. I think Redemption is one of the best songs out of either Queensryche camp in at least a decade. This cd does not have the get up and go, you would think it would. It seems to be at a slower pace almost methodical. This is quite possibly the best the musicians have played in a while, or at least since they got rid of Kelly and his no talent hack ass. This cd is far too safe, I liked it more when Queensryche were creating risky music, or at least trying to change up their traditional sound. As a whole the cd is not too bad, but I really would have loved to see this band just do like something that would come out of the gates swinging and destroying everything in its path, instead of trying to show Geoff that they can still have him in the band without him being in it. This is easily the best thing the band has done in a very long time, but again god have they release some really bad records in the last decade, American Soldier anyone?

5 out of 10