Music Review-Into the Flood-Vices


Track list:
1. Vices
2. The Destroyer
3. David Scheniost
4. Sacrificing The Worm
5. Mirrors
6. Regret
7. Disconnected
8. 21:4
9. Sufferer
10. Your Judgment Is What Condems You
11. Faitheater
12. Eye For An Eye
13. By Way Of The Snake

Brendan Wilson – Vocals
Jacob Sacquitne – Guitar
Justin Thacker – Guitar
Anthony Taylor – Bass
Kevin Brady – Drums

Review-Christian Metal is no longer guys dressed up in bee outfits throwing bibles in the crowds, or bands that preach their message in such a turn off way that you would rather watch the PTL club. I know until I heard this cd that Still Breathing’s record September was the most hardcore and heavy Christian cd I have ever heard, but Into the Flood really are so angry and heavy that if I never told you it was a Christian band you would never have guessed if you heard one of their songs on the iTunes or radio. The anger that is all over this cd seems to be all about the lyrics and how personal they come across to the listener. This cd as the tracks go on and on this cd seems to pick up steam and gets more brutal and heavy, and just does not let up. The track that is garnering some attention is David Scheinost which is a track about a friend to the band who died, but thru some belief in a heavenly spirit the family will survive and will keep his memory alive. The lyrics alone are intense and angry, and the song comes across so emotional yet so powerful that you try to keep a dry eye while you headbang. That is the one thing you notice from this band that each guitar riff, drum blast, or scream seems to be well thought out and also all fit together like a fist in a glove. If you are fans of bands like Bury Your Dead, this band should be right up your alley. They seem to incorporate a few similarities. This is the most positive metal release in recent history, while the riffs and screams are meant to pummel you and get you up to mosh and destroy, the lyrics bring a positivity and creativity to them that they want you to think instead of react. I really had a blast with this cd and feel that they are going to become a big name for Century Media if people give them a fair chance and open their minds to it.

9 out of 10