Music Review-Filter-The Sun Comes Out Tonight


1. “We Hate It When You Get What You Want”
2. “What Do You Say”
3. “Surprise”
4. “Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight”
5. “It’s Got To Be Right Now”
6. “This Finger’s For You”
7. “Self Inflicted”
8. “First You Break It”
9. “Burn It”
10. “Take That Knife Out Of My Back”
11. “It’s My Time”
12. “It’s Just You”

Review-Filter has had the most interesting career path. Short Bus came out, and unleashed a song called Hey Man, Nice Shot that really helped the cd take off for the band. Then, after 4 years of anticipating and hype the follow up happened Title of Record, and the first video Welcome to the Fold came out and the band did not live up to what people thought they were heading towards. Now here we are 18 years into their career and we have album six. I will be honest, I really dug Title of Record and I loved Short Bus, but the stuff after I just did not pay attention to because to me what I heard from them did not make me wanting to hear more. Filter seems to want to go back to point A with this cd and return to their roots. Richard Patrick really wants to show people this time out that he still has the passion and that Filter is still a band that can make great music. While the cd is heavily polished, there is no escaping the emotion all over this cd. This seems to be a very personal cd as some of the songs like It’s my Time which is just piano and Patrick are really incredible, and will get you to pay attention. Self Inflicted can be seen as the brother of Hey Man, Nice Shot, it has the same punch and feel. This cd is more pop and melodic than the past industrial songs like Surprise are top 40 Snow Patrol inspired and work for me, because I love the catchiness and pop feel. Now do not be mistaken, songs like Burn It and Take that Knife out of my back are very industrial fueled with this more mature sound and really shine as well. At this point of their career it is hard to think that Filter has this record in them, but I am glad they do. This is the Short Bus 2 with today’s maturity. This is a band that seems to want to show people that they are still important and I feel this cd is a good sign that they may finally live up to their full potential. What a great catchy record that fans and non fans of Filter can get excited about.

8 out of 10