Music Review-Deiphago -Satan Alpha Omega


Track Listing:

01. Intro: Extermination
02. Human Race Absolute End
03. Heretic Oath
04. Plague and Satan Triumphant
05. Exalted Hate
06. Satanmongers
07. Atrocities Absurdities
08. Crucifixation
09. Demonic Munitions
10. Satan Alpha Omega
11. Outro

Review-This is my first taste of Deiphago and I have to be honest, this band is fucking insane. To describe this band sound and style is easy this is death metal with a grindcore feel that is just a blistering pummeling beat down on your ear drums. I am to think that these are not songs as much as they are conversations a madman hyped up on caffeine with a jackhammer would have with Satan. The songs were all a fast blur and in its place is just furious anger and vocals that feel more like threats to me than harmony. If someone thinks that metal is all the same or devoid of personality, holy fuck this band has something to show you. This cd sounds like the 2013 answer to Slayer’s Reign in Blood. This cd should come with a warning that people with heart conditions or mental health issue may not be advised to proceed further. If you are into the more pop metal or what shit your death metal heroes of yesteryear are putting today trying to sell you they have not sold out, this cd may not be for you. This is heavy, loud and so directly in your face, from the fury of the guitars and the drums that sound more like a fury of rain hitting your window this band is amazing. The vocals are sick as all fuck, with the grindcore element and thrash feel all combined for some sick buzzsaw like screaming. This cd is highly and I mean highly recommended, this is a must for all death metal fans. This is bloody amazing.

10 out of 10