Music Review-BloodAttack-AlphaKiller


My Inner Wasteland


One Man Unity

Not Like You


Back To The Past

Fall As One

Gott Aus Dem Viereck


Review-Blood Attack is one of those bands that have so much going for them during a song, they have amazing guitar melodies and riffs that recall early Slayer. They have a vocalist who has a brutality to his vocals that metal fans seem to get into. The problem is that this band has a form on this cd that all these elements just do not help bring any life to this long boring uninspired cd. This whole record just seems that the band had lofty goals and high expectations, but I am just so underwhelmed by this riff, riff, growl, roar, break down, drum drum drum scream and end formula that this band seems to be in love with all over this record. This just feels like a demo of guys jamming, because it just feels so incomplete and lack of focus and direction. The singing all over this cd is horrid and does not even try, the guitars though are great but if you heard anything by Slayer or Meshuggah, you have heard all these riffs.
This cd tries to incorporate metal, hardcore and punk in some hybrid but it just fails on all counts. This is such a below average affair that I cannot even give it a rating, because I am just not sure if they meant to put out this record.