Music Review-Amon Amarth-Deciever Of The Gods


01. Deceiver Of The Gods
02. As Loke Falls
03. Father Of The Wolf
04. Shape Shifter
05. Under Siege
06. Blood Eagle
07. We Shall Destroy
08. Hel
09. Coming Of The Tide
10. Warriors Of The North

Review-Swedish death metallers Amon Amarth are back with their ninth studio record and I will say right now the music lives up to their legacy. Deceiver of the Gods throws you ten tracks that showcase why this band has such a rabid fanbase and they deserve every bit of praise they get. This is a band that does not change its style cd to cd, but are very comfortable with their sound and consistency that there is not one second on this cd or moment that felt wasted or weak. Like in their last few releases they seem to have incorporated melodies and hooks, and some of the songs can be called catchy to a point. Now do not see this as some kind of selling out, there is still the brutality and Hegg’s intense raspy vocal style that is coming across massive guitar riffs and a thunder of drums. The one thing that always has impressed me with this band is their songwriting skill, and this time out yet again it is on full display. You have a balance of heavy as fuck riffs with really catchy melodies that really put this sound over the top. The expectations are always high on an Amon cd, and I feel that each time this band delivers on that. This cd is a must buy, and look at the summer releases for metal and if that does not get you excited about the comeback of metal, you truly are not a fan. This is going to grace a lot of top ten lists this year, and may be on mine as well. This is nothing short of amazing, and intense.

9 out of 10