Movie Review-The Manson Family


Review-Talk about a match made in hell, a film about Charles Manson directed by one of the greatest minds in exploitation film history Jim VanBebber. I was stoked to learn this was finally going to be released on blu ray, and even more so to find out that Severin Films is doing it. If anyone can give you the most for your dollar and really do a bang up job on this blu ray it is Gregory and the label. While these days people think of Grindhouse as a cheap way to make a low budget film stand out, people like VanBebber and his body of work redefined what grindhouse truly is. The Manson Family is going to make the viewer pay attention whether they want to or not. This film takes the story of Manson and truly does something unique it centers it on the family, the ones who committed the murders of Sharon Tate and LaBianca. A Television personality is trying to set the record straight about the murders and shedding light on the family. Well, all seems to be doing good until a group of kids set out to target the man who is smearing the Manson name which happens to be the television guy. The film is basically told thru a series of flashbacks and psychedelic madness, in such a way that you are going to think this film was shot in the late 60’s or during the 70’s. In the time of new takes on Chainsaw Massacre’s and dead franchises still trying to make money, this film is such a welcome breath of air. It is non-apologetic; it pushes the bounds and limits of not only good taste but how much it can get away with. One word I found myself using during the watching of this blu ray is daring, and cutting edge. This film really does not hold back and just goes all out and entertains you from start to finish. This film is not for the easily offended or squeamish, this film is meant to really affect the viewer and take a real life story and real life situation and really put a spin on it that you think this is the way it truly went down. I will say right now, fuck Hatchet III, this film is the alternative to all that tired shit.

8.5 out of 10