Movie Review-The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse


Review-While I am not familiar with the graphic novel this film is based on, I need not worry because the film spells it all out for me. The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse if anything else deserves points for trying. The film is based on the story of a kid who is afraid of his father becoming a bloodsucking zombie and killing him and the family. This animated tale takes a turn when the father comes back from the dead and eats his own wife, but she stops him of killing the son. The issue with Justin Paul Ritter’s take on the story is that it is way too bogged down by nonsense and confusion. This is seriously a story that needs more time and a lot more film to really keep the viewer interested. There is just so much going on with this story that at times it gets so hard to follow and you just get to the point where you get that they are beating you over the head to read the novels. This is shot in like some retro video game, where you get a lot of cut-scenes that look really bad and cheap. I feel that the budget restrictions hurt a film like this of reaching its full potential. Now it is not all a waste, Ritter does make a few steps in a good direction with the action sequences but the story and characters are just so boring and lame that you just get the feeling that not much heart or love was put into this project. All in all, this could have been so much more worst than it was, but it also could have been so much more better. If you are familiar with the story and the comics I would say you may like this more than a non fan. But, I just feel that the fans will nit pick this film, and hate that it was shot so cheaply and in this style. The actions sequences were decent, so I would say if you are curious why not. There is sure as hell worst choices you can make.

4 out of 10