Movie Review-Supporting Characters


This title will be released on June 25, 2013.

Review-Supporting Characters seems to be another of those films inside a film romantic comedy. The film centers around two film editors and their ups and downs in their romantic lives. This film takes both characters and their stories and makes them feel as one story. The men are in the midst of editing this comedy that is being helmed by a manic-depressive Kevin Corrigan who does a nice balance of comedy and depression in each scene he is in, and while the two are dealing with this sad case they also are watching their love lives crumble. While the storyline and characters in both romantic circles is as strong as it could be, it should get some points for trying to incorporate some new ideas into the mix at least. This film tries to incorporate smartness into its humor where it makes you feel that they put some thought into the script and jokes. The musical score in this film is horrid, where the film has a lot to brag about for the most part, the score to this film and the music in this film is just awful and so horrible. This film seems really hard to try to be everything for everyone, it tries so hard to have a romantic underlining and then tries to be comedic at the same time, and for me the material is not strong enough to balance both, it should have tried to concentrate on one and let the other be sprinkled in when needed. One of the guys just stresses themselves out with the same story over and over, and then the other guy is counting pennies being a cheap bastard trying to earn a profit. Supporting Characters explores those people in control of a film once it leaves the director’s hands and before the producer delivers it for exhibition. And is also covers, how the post-production process is similar to our own lives. All in all this was a fun little film that has errors, but nothing too bad to make you regret seeing it. If you can catch it on Netflix or rental, it is worth picking up for that reason.

7 out of 10

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Meh. You liked this one a bit more than I did, I suppose. I thought it was an interesting enough story — I just didn’t feel much of it was played with any real conviction.