Movie Review-Sharknado


Review-Just when you thought that The Asylum ran out of things to do with killer sharks. Sharknado is the type of idea that I would love to have been in the board room when this idea was greenlit, or better yet pitched. “What about this guys and gals, we have a tornado and we fill it up with sharks”. This is definitely a film you are either going to love or you are going to despise, from the absurd premise to just this 86 minute insane bat shit crazy film. Let me just say before I go any further, this is one of the best Syfy tv movies I have seen to date. The plot of this film is simple, nature has run amok and now there are a series of tornados hitting LA and Beverly Hills and no one is safe. Now, I know what you are thinking that sharks can only get you in the water, well in this film the damn sharks can fly, go on land and also eat thru a car roof. You are not safe anywhere you go. The effects in this film are so absurd that I did not mind how fake they looked, it added to the fun of this film. The film has so much dark humor that you cannot help but smirk on scenes like when they kill a shark and the water is all red and the guy says “looks like it is that time of the month” or when they are running for shelter and Tara Reid is leading the charge and they go inside a Liquor Store. I will not talk about the final shark fight, because it is just so absurd and even leads to more absurdity that I just thought to myself that the director, studio and crew had to be high to make this film. There are so many flaws in this film, like why do the skies always look so clear, and how did California get thousands of sharks to get inside a tornado? There is a third flaw that stuck out which leads to a spoiler so I will just say, how did the kids all get in a truck in one scene and the next the truck is empty? Better yet how does a bar owner carry guns, and repelling ropes in his vehicle? Did he predict this to happen? I realize that if I am watching this film and trying to make sense of it, I am an idiot. This film has so much just plain absurdity that you are going to find yourself if you stick with it, just laughing your ass off. Like every other film The Asylum releases especially when it comes to disaster films, you have the dysfunctional family trying to get away from some insane natural disaster, and will rescue anyone no matter how they have to do it. The only negative I have about this film is that Tara Reid looked bored, and was so lifeless in this film while everyone else acted like they were completely stoned. I will say this right now for all you Asylum haters out there; you really need to give them a chance. This film is just flat out insane, and a ton of fun. Think of this as an indie Twister meeting an even more indie Jaws. This film from start to finish was nothing short of a blast. And, there is a scene when they get in a helicopter to throw homemade bombs into the center of the Sharknado, that we get that line..” I think we are going to need a bigger helicopter”. This is a must watch, what a fun little film.

8 out of 10