Movie Review-Scum: Remastered Edition


Review-I am shocked and happy at the same time. To start this praise going early I want to say thank you to Kino Lorber. A lot of you may or may not know what this film is about, but I will say if you are new to this film: stop reading this review right here and go buy the film then read on. Director Alan Clarke took a BBC commissioned TV film based on the British Juvenile Justice system in 1977 and made a film out of it. I will say right now for a film that is so old, it did not feel dated whatsoever. This film is a tough watch, a very tough subject matter that may not be for everyone. But the ones who feel this film may be for you, you guys are going to be in for a treat. The staff in this film is not dressed in uniforms, and that is where I think a lot of people may have a hard time with the feel and mood of the film. The violence in this film gets very sinister, brutal and very sadistic. This is also a film that there are no good guys or bad guys, it is worst vs. very worst. This film’s message is controversial; in almost a bullying form that we feel the acts committed on the inmates by the staff is hard to watch at times. One of the center characters in the film is named Carlin, and things take a turn when he arrives and takes a stand and decides to take on Daddy, who is top of the food chain of the inmates. This film is bleak, grim and basically to the point. Carlin is played by Ray Winstone and he does a fairly good job when he fights the system and goes against the system, he does create a character we feel we can root for or get behind. The film relies on the characters to carry the story more than a soundtrack, and for the most part it really is effective. The transfer to blu ray is incredible and Kino has shown a lot of love for these older titles, and they seem to be putting their money where their mouth is with the transfers. This is a highly and I mean highly recommended film for people who are really into violence for the sake of violence, and like things a little cutting edge. I was not a fan of the last ten minutes of the film and felt it ended with a whimper but that is a very small gripe compared to what this film delivered to that whimper.

8 out of 10