Movie Review- Reel-Illusionary Zone


Review-I have reviewed quite a few films since I started blogging and almost every film is pretty easy to sit here and write about, until now. Reel-Illusionary Zone is flat out bizarre, not sure if that is a compliment or insult but this film confused me. To tell you a plot, it would be easier to go rob the mint and print my own money. This film was heavily inspired on the early age of film, for it is shot at times in black and white almost like homage but there are other times when it is in some sort of color that seems like it sun-drenched. If this review comes across as confusing, trust me this film is so hard to describe. A plot, ummm it is told to us in the beginning that this zone is some holding pattern I am guessing that you have to be dead to go to this holding pattern, like maybe a middle ground to a heaven or hell. There is this bearded man who seems to be a toy maker and he creates toys that are human, that seem to escape into a real world. At one point two escape to go be movie stars but they get held up on the train by a robber and miss the film shoot, so the toy maker creates more toys to go find the ones who run away. You know those films that you watch and you know that it is so weird that people may get into it, this film is so bizarre and odd that I am not quite sure who would be the crowd to recommend this film to. What about, “Do you use heavy drugs and need something to trip out on”. This film is an original that is the one thing I can truly say about the film; I have never seen a film quite as odd as this. Now some of the techniques this film uses I have seen used before like the silent movie aspect, and the words on screen for dialogue and the set designs and outfits the characters wear, those are pretty inspired by yesteryear. The plot of this film is just so odd that I could not make heads or tails of the film, and that is why I stuck with it and became more and more fascinated with it, because a film like this you have to watch just to see what will happen next, or when it will start making sense. The negatives about the film, I really did not think there was one. The film had heart, ambition and someone wanted to create something that felt familiar but yet was so fucked up that it did not feel familiar, and this film succeeded. Any film that can take you out of your comfort zone and like a spinning top keep your interest is a film that I feel other people will not be ready for, but I seem to be drawn to like a moth to a flame. This film is just odd, pure and plain odd but it had such a uniqueness to it that I have to recommend it.

8 out of 10