Movie Review-Of Two Minds


Review-Of Two minds is a pretty hard hitting documentary about a subject that affects me as well as millions of people and that is Bipolar disorder. When I was younger I was exposed to alcohol and hard core drugs that really created the calm for me that music and movie did not let me escape into. When I got clean and sober in my mid 20’s, depression set in which created these mood swings that while women were turned on by them at first, people were scared of what I could do to myself given that moment and what mood I was in. When I was going thru it, they did not have the terminology yet so it was all believed to be manic anxiety and depression. Onto the film, this film does not so much go head first into the topic from any kind of scientific or medial view but more they give us three subjects that have lived thru this and are willing to share it with the viewers. The testimonies on this documentary are from a firsthand experience, which I felt were more informative then a bunch of medical and experts speaking. Following these individuals over a three-year period, Doug Blush and Lisa Klein create three intertwined narratives that really keep the viewer interested throughout and at times it feels purposely to be lacking intimacy or warmth, but I felt the hard hitting feel at times is so much warranted and made the story flow better. The film allows its three subjects — stylist Cheri Keating, architect/artist Carlton Davis and writer/journalist Liz Spikol — to speak for them. The stories of all three are hard hitting and created with their own imagery. All in all, I would say that this is a good little watch that all of you may want to seek out.

7.5 out of 10