Movie Review-I Am A Ghost


Review-I just witnessed this little indie film called I Am A Ghost and I have to say I am blown away. This film felt like the bastard sister to The Others. It has been a long time since I witnessed a ghost film that really delivered some good scares, and not the cheap jump scares or the ones geared towards kids, but some legitimate scares that will get you feeling paranoid and wanting to turn a light on. The film revolves around a character named Emily, who as the film opens seems almost normal enough until we find out that she is a ghost and she is living in an existence that could be compared to the film Groundhog Day. It seems that daily she repeats the same routine like she is trapped in some void, and it all leads up to her being told at the end of it that she is dead, and then she comes to the realization, only to go and repeat it all again. This film for the most part is a three person show, Emily, Sylvia who is a medium from the world of the living who communicates with Emily when she goes thru these cycles and then a demon which seems to haunt Emily. The film may be a slow build for some, but I found it fascinating like reading a book, you are so consumed with what Emily is going thru and you know there has to be some kind of payoff and this film makes you really put thought into each scene, because after a while the daily routine that she goes thru seems to get a few changes. The communication between ghost and medium really is so well written and acted, this film generally wants to scare you, wants you to believe that ghosts are real. The soundtrack to this film was haunting and almost a character in itself. You never really see the medium and the demon you get in spurts, so this is basically a film that Emily’s character and story basically carries, and for me that worked. The story is so fascinating and haunting, it felt like turning the pages of a good little novel, you just are so anxious to see how the story will play out or how they could possibly end it. I Am A Ghost has an ending that is going to get people thinking and most of all talking. This film is part ghost story, and also a head fuck of a mystery because you are trying to figure out Emily’s story and each day seems to be like a different piece to the puzzle. The only true negative to me about this film is that I did not witness it on the big screen with a crowd. You talk about a film that I feel could really create buzz, this film is the film that Paranormal Activity tried to be. If you are looking for a good scare or a good little ghost story that is effective and gets your attention, this is your film.

8.5 out of 10