Movie Review-Exhumed


Review-Exhumed is the latest film from indie “it” director Richard Griffin. If you are familiar with Griffin and his work, one thing is for sure that his films are so well thought out and so much love put into them, that you almost feel you are watching a man’s passion more than a motion picture. Last time around, I reviewed Atomic Brain Invasion and Richard and his crew went head first into 50’s sci fi to put out a film that if you did not know better you swear it was a drive in film from that era. This time around Richard seems to be diving head first into another genre and that is film noir. This film is shot in black and white and is more suspense inspired than horror related. The film is odd, if you get nothing else from this film experience, I think odd will be a word that you will find yourself using. The film sort of thrusts us into a story that we are not quite sure about, it revolves around a group of people who may or may not be family that are stuck inside this house together. Now, they are not trapped or locked inside, they are just stuck in it almost like some sort of purgatory. The whole film is shot inside this old house, which almost becomes a character in itself. Things change when Sociology major Chris answers an ad to live there. At first things seem normal enough, till Laura comes into the picture. She seems to grow some kind of obsessive crush on him, but everyone in the house think he is some kind of drunk and want nothing to do with him. Well, Chris falls down the stairs in some weird stare off with the head Governess in the house and he is dead. Well even after death Laura is still obsessed with him. What Griffin does so effectively is take nothing and make it feel like something, from the simple black and white and camera angles, you would never assume this film was shot low budget. The cast and crew do their best job at trying to recapture films like Laura, and early Hitchcock. As this film goes on, it just gets more and more odd and not in a bad way, but in a way that Griffin is wanting you to solve the puzzle of this film, but when you get close to it, he takes all the pieces and throws them on the floor and wants you to do it again. Richard has so much faith in his crew that you can tell that all involved enjoyed making this film. My only issue with this film, I wish the ending would have explained more to me than it did. I wish this film would have a little more back-story to help understand some situations a little better. But, that is such a small gripe on a film that if Hitchcock was alive today, you know he would be inspired by David Lynch to do this kind of film.

8 out of 10