Movie Review-Come Out and Play


Review-This is a remake of the 1976 film Who can Kill a Child? I will admit, I never seen that film but somehow or another when I saw the red band trailer for this film, I knew whether I did or not see it, I had to see this film. This film is covered in some many odd facts, the oddest being that writer and director Makinov seems to always wear a mask to hide his identity. The story is simple enough we are plunged into the world of Francisco and Beth who are a happy couple who are expecting their third child. Well they decide to spend a weekend away from the kids in Mexico. Well they rent a boat and take to the high seas from the mainland to a small little island. Things get old in a Children of the Corn sense when they get on the island and they see a small bunch of kids playing and discover that there are no adults on the island. They soon find out that the reason for no adults being around is because of the kids and now they have to escape before they become causalities to the kids. What makes this film work for me is that it is so tense and never lets up, the performances by all involved is really praise worthy, and really keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is coming in the next scene and not wanting to blink. While the storytelling is pretty black and white and is not really built up in the first half, the film make no mistake about it is a step above any other film in this genre in a very long time. While the kids behavior is never really told to us, we just have to assume but make no mistake about this, there are some scenes in this film that are so intense and borderline psycho evil that you really seem to forgive this film for its shortcomings. The film is very bleak, dark and haunting; it will keep you at the edge of your seat with some nails being bitten. The film has a little gore but the film works for the simple fact that I am a huge fan of thrillers that even though I know the situation; I am still intrigued to see how it will play out. All in all, this is a very recommended for fans of Children of the Corn, now I have to go see that damn film this is based off of.

8.5 out of 10

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I enjoyed this one, too. It was the kind of flick that you didn’t want to think about too much ’cause it’d fall apart, but it served up enough scares to make it interesting for me.