Movie Review-Atlantic Rim


Review-The Asylum are back with their latest Mockbuster, which if you are living under a rock you know what film this is parodying. Selling points right off the bat are the director Jared Cohn, who is on such a hot streak right now as a director that you if are a fan of film, you have to have this guy on your radar and second is Mr. OPP himself from Naughty by Nature one of the stars of this film Treach. You add those two elements and it is The Asylum that right there just spells the recipe if not for anything, an insane film that you have to put your sense of sanity on hold. The plot of this film is that a deep sea oil rig is sucked into the Atlantic and a mini sub disappears. From there the Asylum scientist type Dr. Margaret Adams has the perfect scenario to test this program that incorporates giant robots for deep sea rescue. This film also has a nemesis in the form of a giant lizard which we should call like Lizardsaurus, Mega Lizard or Giant Lizard because for Christ sakes that is what Asylum seems to specialize in. As you can guess with films like this and an insane director like Cohn, that when you think all is fine in this film, it really is not. There is a part in this film when Jared himself makes a cameo and is part of the process of killing the monster, only to find out that the monster has an angry family member ready to get revenge. I know a lot of people frown on parody or mocking a film that has people excited, but I feel in this world where everything seems to be game, why not? I felt like this film was fun and could even raise more interest for the big film when it opens. This film unlike the past Cohn films seems more family friendly, well better yet television friendly. The film has some issues with the storytelling aspect of the film, it is geared towards a fan of television shows that would watch one episode and not care about any development or storyline, that just wanted to see the show once to see if it suits them. Cohn in the past always seemed to dance to the beat of his own sick demented drummer in terms of his style and what he tries to give an audience, but this time it seems that he was restrained and maybe wanted to play by the rules a little. It is not so much a bad thing, but I feel fans that were all about Hold Your Breath, or 12/12/12 may be a little letdown with this film. I feel the bulk of this film is decent and was fun enough for me to not look at my watch and sit back and enjoy this. All in all, this film was fun and I feel people should at least see it once. Atlantic Rim is a cut above the average fair we get from Asylum, but I feel Cohn is out of his element and needs to get back to horror.

7 out of 10