Movie Review-American Mary


Coming June 18th from Xlrator

Review-American Mary is the story of medical student Mary Mason. She is the typical medical student, struggling to pay bills and having to sacrifice a lot to focus on her classes and studies. Mary’s world changes drastically when she answers an ad for a job in a strip club and while the manager Billy is looking at her resume notices she is a medical student and offers her some money to help him out with someone who got hurt during some shady business deal. Having done such a great job, Mary is hired by Beatress to help her friend with body modification. Now Mary is starting to make a little money, well again Mary’s world will change when she is invited to a party held by some surgeons and doctors; all is fine till Mary is drugged and raped. I was a fan of Dead Hooker in a Trunk, even though it had some serious pacing issues; I chalked that up to the nervousness of being first time directors. This time around the issues are a little different, first off why is she called American Mary on the box art? She is Canadian, and this was filmed in British Columbia? They all refer to her in the film towards the finale as “Bloody Mary”, why not call the film Bloody Mary? That is a small gripe, compared to the flow of the film. So she gets raped, and she wakes up in the morning in the same bed as her rapist and he is sleeping like a baby? Now, the guy knows she is an aspiring surgeon and that he raped her, why would he chance sleeping beside her? And what purpose did all the cameos have in this film, I mean I was stoked when the Soska’s made their ego shine in their little cameo with those horrible accents, but there was no payoff to the scene. They had my hopes up that we would some awesome gore and blood, and all you got was a passing shot that served more as a background piece.

I will not take anything away from lead star Katharine Isabelle, she should have taken off after the first Ginger Snaps film but like Thora Birch in Ghost World, it did not happen. American Mary to me while it was curiosity that made me want to see it, it just felt so underwhelming when you actually think about it. We were promised that they were going to push the envelope and the gore was going to be all over the place, this film felt so safe and incomplete. Ok, so the club owner is in love or lust with Mary, and the whole film felt like a build to get this relationship built, but he knows she is coming to the club and he is caught getting head from a stripper? And then Mary gets jealous? Then, a scene later they go on like it never happened. So, she is one of four girls who are being investigated for the disappearances of the doctors and surgeons at the party that she got raped at. What a brave bunch of guys, they are raping fellow surgeon students and not one of the girls spoke up ever or at least tried to get revenge before Mary? Wouldn’t this at least tip off the detective? The script felt like it was written on the spot; I will not take anything away from anyone, but American Mary while it is what it is, in the end this just felt like a bunch of ideas more than an actual film. The gore was underwhelming and should have been so much more, the few blood scenes you get are so safe and covered up, they knew this would not get a full release why not go all out and just push that envelope? This is sadly the case of a group of people trying to sell people on a film that they know they will not be putting out. The film felt like Katharine playing amateur hour at the British Columbia coffee house.

Special Features, this film has a trailer, a 17 minute making of little feature, which for 4 minutes they go on and on about simulating some kind of masturbation act and the rest of the time, it was absolutely boring and eye rolling. The ladies are an acquired taste for sure. Also included is a commentary track which I had to listen to just to get some feedback into what I am thinking and what they were thinking about certain things in this film. The sentence that stuck with me the most is the ending comment that basically they are telling us they are the small indie film, and that we should not support the found footage films, sequels and remakes. But, what is the next project they are working on, oh yeah the ABC’s of Death 2. That sums up the whole film; it is a walking contradiction that just feels so condescending. Poor Katharine, I think I know the answer now why she never took off.

5 out of 10