Movie Review-A Place at the Table


Review-A Place at the Table is a documentary that raises a lot of questions and may cause some controversy about how the United States agriculture system is questionable and fixed. This film tells us that over 49 million Americans do not know where the next meal is coming from. As most of society knows that the food stamp system is just as fixed to benefit so many Americans who abuse the system. Newt Gingrich while I disagree with most of what comes out of his mouth when the man discusses how the society has abused government handouts as a form of crippling the system to benefit a majority of people who are too lazy to do anything with their lives beside sit down and bitch or open their vagina for anyone who has a heartbeat. With that let’s get back to the film in review and not my personal blogging agenda of mass political outcry for a better system and a better way of distributing government handouts to those who truly need them. The film is basically the project of Jeff Bridges, and Top Chef’s own Tom Collichio and it is a pretty interesting story. The team that gave us Food Inc. are behind this, so you know the material is going to border on controversy and also informative in the same breath. This film also shows us how the decent nutrition is out of the hands of the people who need it. Did you know that nearly 20 billion dollars in yearly farm subsidies encourage junk food? We learn how some people cannot find decent food because it does not pay for stores to stock it on their shelves. The film also centers on stories that are personal and know no race or ethnic group, that will raise questions and also tear away at your heart. One of the stories is a white Christian family of seven in Colorado, with too much income to qualify for food stamps (for which a family of four can’t make more than $28,000 a year). Daughter Rosie is having trouble at school, and the problems occur because her stomach hurts and she is hungry. The film covers a lot of ground and it is pretty hard hitting, and it loves to point a finger at most social issues. All in all, this film does take a heavy handed approach but for the most part I found myself really into it and loved it.

8 out of 10