Movie Review-A Labor of Love


Review-The Spirit of 76 is alive and well with the latest treasure that Vinegar Syndrome has buried up. A Labor of Love which is shot as a documentary by Robert Flaxman and Daniel Goldman about the making of a porn film or X-rated film, whatever term fits you best to use. With pornography we let actors suck us in to their fake world to make us think it is real, that once the clothes are off and things are licked, inserted or pleasured that the acting is over and that is reality. The film is called The Last Affair and it was shot in Chicago during the years of 74 thru early 75. The film is about the original X rated picture that would later be re-shot and aimed for an R rating instead. The Last Affair was set to be about a male brothel where women can go fulfill their sexual needs and wants. There were a few fantasies that would provide the sex scenes which involved prostitutes and one who pretended to be daddy. What a Labor of Love achieves is the proverbial pulling the curtain back on what the porn industry is, and that is human reality. This film could make the horniest teen in search for a source of masturbation material off porn for a long while. Nowadays there have been other porn documentaries that I have seen that were a million times better, but I really enjoyed this. The filmmakers gave the two documentary guys’ permission to interview the stars and crew, and it does at times get very fascinating and intriguing. One scene that struck me as interesting is when a leading man fails to achieve but before the scene the leading lady tells us they went out and he drank so much Tequila and was stoned, and she seems very disturbed by what happens. As the scene plays on we find out that they did not get along on their date or on set, and they have to find a stand in to play the role. This film explores a side of porn that really had me wanting so much more, I mean if you are going to watch this film for the hardcore porn element or sex, you will be letdown. If you are going to watch this film for the human experiment of how human beings can make fiction real, this is an interesting little piece that kept me interested.

7 out of 10