Movie Review-6 Souls


Review-Originally titled Shelter, 6 Souls after a few years on the shelf is finally on home video. A decade after Identity had people talking, Michael Cooney also written this script. This film for every positive I can list, there is a negative that goes hand and hand with it. Julianne Moore who I am not a fan of in this genre of film, plays Dr. Cara Jessup who is the leading psychiatrist in her city. The film opens with her giving her opinion to a judge on the subject of Multiple Personalities Disorder. She is not a person who believes in it, and claims it does not exist. She thinks murderers and criminals used this as a way of trying to get off easy on their actions. As you can guess we meet Adam who appears on the surface to have numerous different personalities. Things get really odd when it is shown to us that Adam’s personality changes and so the changes are physiological as well. As you can see Cara finds herself and her family in trouble with something that to not spoil this film for anyone appears to be supernatural and out to change her opinion and beliefs. The issues with this film are easy, the script is pretty well written and the cast do a great job with what they are given but the problem is that the film seems like a promising road for the first hour that leads to a dead end in the last half of the film. This film feels like a good thought that just seems to lead to a bad outcome. You can tell the direction of this film was in question and that all aboard did not know what to do with the end or the finale leading towards it. The trouble these days with effective thrillers or even dramas, is that they give you some great storytelling and an amazing build up that you expect when the shit to hit the fan that they will deliver a sensible outcome that all your interest you put into the film will feel worth it, but this film just fails on that aspect that when the finale starts to kick in and they are trying to cover so much and satisfy the audience that they lost their direction and just said why not just finish it and close our eyes and hope for the best. A film like this I feel if you are curious the first hour is really strong, and that the last part of the film is awful eye rolling and just horrible. I would say curiosity and Moore fans should rent this and then just hit stop at the hour mark no matter how promising it feels.

4 out of 10