Metal Review: Skeletal Spectre | Voodoo Dawn (2013)

Skeletal Spectre Voodoo Dawn

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With one of the dirtiest classic death metal sounds that I have heard since 1990, Skeletal Spectre hits us with “Voodoo Dawn” on June 25, 2013 in North America on Pulverised Records. Fronted by Vanessa Nocera’s haunting vocals, “Voodoo Dawn” is a pretty nice release that focused on the riffs of Behold the Pentagram accented by Nocera’s piercing vocals.

Getting their start in 2008 by Behold the Pentagram who wanted to start a band with a heavy doom metal influence, he quickly found two more members who became Skeletal Spectre. In 2009, they release their debut effort, “Tomb Coven,” which was heavily insprired by Celtic Frost. In 2013, we get their third release, “Voodoo Dawn.”

Voodoo Dawn” starts off with the title track and you hear what they are about from the outset of the song. They are heavily riff-driven and they sludgier the sound, the better. The title track focuses on the power of its riffs and Nocera’s vocals compliment the music very well during the slow and fast parts.

Altar of Damballah, once again, is focused on the riffs and has a nice, galloping riff far from doom, but very groove oriented. Serpent Moon features nice double bass work, but is more focused on the dynamic vocals of Nocera showing that she can hit the deep, guttural screams and the high-pitched shrieks as well. Another track where Nocera shines is She-Wolf of Devil’s River, which shows so many dynamics on her vocals.

Bone Dust has an almost punk rock sound to it, but also adds in some nice grooving guitar riffs for good measure,

Overall, the sludgy sound is not for everyone, but if you like the sound that Skeletal Spectre is putting out there, you will love the release of “Voodoo Dawn.”

Voodoo Dawn Track Listing:
1. Voodoo Dawn
2. Altar of Damballah
3. Serpent Moon
4. Bone Dust
5. Shallow Grave
6. Black Augury Hollow
7. She-Wolf of Devil’s River
8. Haunted Gallows
9. The Flip-Side of Satan

Skeletal Spectre Line-up:
Vanessa Nocera – Vocals
Behold the Pentagram – Guitar & Bass
Haunting the Beyond – Drums