Metal Review: Schwarzer Engel | Schwarze Sonne EP (2013)

Schwarzer Engel Schwarze SonneFormed in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Dave Jason, Schwarzer Engel has released two full-length albums, 2010’s “Apokalypse” and 2012’s “Träume Einer Nacht.” With 2013, comes another release, the EP “Schwarze Sonne,” featuring guest musicians Johanna von Orleans and El Friede from Massacre Records.

Schwarzer Engel is a very deep, dark band and “Schwarze Sonne” shows a lot of that with only two new tracks and multiple versions of the song Schwarze Sonne. They are an ultra-symphonic gothic metal band that relies on deep male vocals splashed with beautfil female vocals.

The focus of this EP is the title track, Schwarze Sonne, and includes a piano version and an instrumental version on this release. The differences between the standard and piano versions are very drastic with the piano version being the better of the two. The piano accompaniment to the vocals work better here, but the original song is no slouch either.

Overall, if you have listened to Schwarzer Engel before, you will be all over this release, but if not, check this band out, especially if you are into bands like Charon.

Schwarze Sonne Track Listing:
1. Schwarze Sonne
2. Der Fährmann
3. Schwarze Sonne Piano Version featuring El Friede
4. Schwarze Sonne Instrumental Piano Version featuring El Friede