Metal Review: Panzerchrist | The 7th Offensive (2013)

Panzerchrist The 7th OffensiveDanish death metal band Panzerchrist are releasing their seventh album, aptly entitled “The 7th Offensive” on July 15, 2013 on Listenable Records following their previous and highly- acclaimed 2011 release, “Regiment Ragnarok.” Per the bands own words, “THE WAR IS OVER, LET’S START A NEW ONE , DEATH FOREVER PANZER!” With these words, you would expect Panzerchrist to be as fierce as ever, and “The 7th Offensive” is just that. The constant tremolo picking and blastbeat drumwork is razor sharp and never misses a beat.

In the Name of Massacration is the perfect example of Panzerchrist’s speed and power. Guitarist Nils Petersen’s playing is intense throughout the entire song, but drummer Simon Schilling is right behind him. The drums are insanely fast. By the end of the track, they are playing at breakneck speed with the look of never slowing down. Once the song ends, you would think that Stronghold of Hill 666 would give you a reprieve on the speed, but that is not to be. The band continues their familiar groove and keeps it going.

As expected, the band does have a sound more akin to fellow countrymen Illdisposed, but that is mainly because they feature members from Illdisposed in their roster. Both bands have had respectable careers with Panzerchrist being the more agressive band (by a little). With the release of “The 7th Offensive,” Panzerchrist shows that they have more blood to give to their fans, but be warned that you will have to give your blood back in return.

The 7th Offensive Track Listing:
1 Panzer The 7th Offensive
2 Foreign Fields
3 In the Name of_Massacration
4 Stronghold of Hill 666
5 Dogger Dead
6 Mass Attack of the Lychantrope Legion
7 Kill For Revenge
8 Drone Killing
9 Napalm Alarm
10 Pig Parade

Panzerchrist Line-up:
Panzer General Michael Enevoldsen – Bass and Synth
Søren Tintin Lønholdt – Vocals
Nils Petersen – Guitars
Simon Schilling – Drums