Metal Review: Necronomicon | Rise of the Elder Ones (2013)

Necronomicon Rise of the Elder Ones

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Quebec, Canada based blackened death metal trio Necronomicon are at it again with their fourth full-length release “Rise of the Elder Ones,” the follow up to 2010’s “The Return of the Witch.” “Rise of the Elder Ones” also marks their Season of Mist debut

As you expect, Necronomicon brings it their all on “Rise of the Elder Ones.” The ferocity never relents and that is fine with me. The album opens with Resurrected, which is a hell blazer with its intricate riff work and drum patterns. The following track, The End of Times, is no less ferocious, but is a little more melodic. The verse melodies are very tight here and there is even a guitar solo to boot. The standout element of this track are the rhythm guitar riffs though. This is the most atmospheric track on the album.

The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II) is another standout track with its rhythm guitar work and layered vocals. The breakdowns in this one have such a nice groove, even hearkening back to a classic thrash metal sound. From Beyond is another track with some serious riffwork going on as well. The middle of the song is a headbanging frenzy and coming out of the solo is one of the best guttural shouts that I have heard in a while.

The title track has an epic intro leading into some massive riffs and verses. The last minute of the song hits breakneck speed just to keep the listener honest. I could listen to this song all day. The Valley of the Lost Souls opens with another one of those great guttural shouts from Rob ‘The Witch’ and continues the extreme speed.

Overall, “Rise of the Elder Ones” is an exceptional release. I know that they get compared to Suffocation a lot, but I tend to think of them more along the lines of Nile and Behemoth. Necronomicon has not let me down yet, but they do appear to get stronger with every release.

Rise of the Elder Ones Track Listing:
01. Resurrected
02. The End of Times
03. The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II)
04. The Nuclear Chaos
05. From Beyond
06. Rise of the Elder Ones
07. The Valley of the Lost Souls
08. Celestial Being
09. Dark Corners of the Earth
10. The Fallen

Necronomicon Line-up:
Rob ‘The Witch’ – Vocals, guitar
Armaros – Bass
Rick – Drums