Metal Review: Manegarm | Legions of the North (2013)

Manegarm Legions of the NorthSweden’s viking metal horde Manegarm is back with “Legions of the North,” their first album since 2009’s “Nattväsen.” Their latest effort will be released on June 28, 2013 via Napalm Records and is without violin player Janne Liljekvist, who left last year “due to lack of motivation.”

I wondered if Liljekvist’s reason for leaving was a sign of things to come for the band, or simply a personal decision and it appears to be the latter. Manegarm seems no less focused on their mission than they were three years ago. “Legions of the North” is a powerful beast of an album worthy of any wannabe viking.

The immediate standout to me is the anthemic Hordes of Hel with its grooving riffs and powerful vocal structures. This song will be a beast in a live setting. I can see the swarm of the crowd already now bellowing out the breakdown section and slamming around to the great riffs in this one.

Another anthemic piece is Sons of War, which is another song that I will stand behind thoroughly. Other songs of note are the title track, Legions of the North, and Helvegr with their pulse-pounding grooves and viking metal melodies.

Overall, Manegarm is as strong as ever and has not let done one bit.

Legions of the North Track Listing:
01. Arise
02. Legions of the North
03. Eternity Awaits
04. Helvegr
05. Hordes of Hel
06. Tor Hjälpe
07. Wake The Gods – Bonus Track
08. Vigverk
09. Sons of War
10. Echoes From the Past
11. Fallen
12. Forged in Fire
13. Raadh