Metal Review: I Killed Everyone | Necrospire (2013)

I Killed Everyone Necrospire

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Formed in 2008, Chicago death metal / deathcore band I Killed Everyone is back to their old tricks with the release of “Necrospire.” While the album starts off sounding the same as the band’s previous work, it quickly shifts to something a little stronger. The band is also introducing new vocalist Tim O’Brien on “Necrospire.” O’Brien’s vocals are pretty dynamic being able to switch from a low, guttural, throaty growl and a high-pitched scream at the drop of a dime.

The album really begins to pick up steam with Born of the Abattoir with its heavy-as-hell riffs and well-placed stops in the riffs placed straight into some nice vocal lines. Crucified and Consumed and Antipathy offers more of the same anger-filled music and vocals showcasing the band’s nice riffwork.

I do not want to short change drummer Tom Salazar either though. His drumwork is spot-on for the entire album and in-your-face the entire time. One of his best drum performances in on Grimoire II / One With the Void, but it gets slightly overshadowed by Tim O’Brien’s great vocals on this one. His dymanic range is on display on this piece.

Overall, I Killed Everyone has given us a nice surprise with “Necrospire” and we can chalk this up as another successful death metal release in 2013.

Necrospire Track Listing:
1. A Sanguinary Mass
2. Grimoire I – Evicerated
3. The Devourer Beyond
4. Necrospire
5. Born of the Abattoir
6. State of Filth
7. Crucified and Consumed
8. Antipathy
9. Grimoire II / One With the Void
10. The Human Error

I Killed Everyone Line-up:
Jason Cordero – Bass
Bill Williams – Guitars
Tom Salazar – Drums
A. J. Kolar – Guitars
Tim O’Brien – Vocals