Metal Review: Huntress | Starbound Beast (2013)

Huntress Starbound Beast

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Los Angeles, CA based Huntress is back with their sophomore effort, “Starbound Beast.” Huntress is a female-fronted traditional metal band led by Jill Janus’s powerful vocals. Whether Janus is using clean vocals or earth shattering shrieks, her voice is something to behold. gets a June 28, 2013 release date in Europe and July 2, 2013 in North America via Napalm Records.

The album gets off on a very strong note with the second track, Blood Sisters. Janus’ vocals highlight this track, but the twin guitar attack of Blake Meahl and Anthony Crocamo show that they have solid control of their instruments as well. The next track, I Want to Fuck You to Death, is a mixed bag for me. I really like the song and especilly Janus’ performance, but the title is pretty lame and not something that you could exactly blare from your speakers and be proud of.

The title track, Starbound Beast, is a good song with strong elements all around. The riffs shine bright on this one and the ending breakdown slows things down for that atmospheric feel that works with this type of occult themed music.

The album goes on through a bunch of nice tunes as well as some fillers, but the majority of the music is not bad at all. If you were into their debut effort, you will enjoy “Starbound Beast.” I just wish that it did not sound so much like a clone of their previous work.

Huntress Line-up:
Vocals: Jill Janus
Guitars: Blake Meahl
Guitars: Anthony Crocamo
Bass: Ian Alden
Drums: Carl Wierzbicky